Chant - Play - Have Fun - Chanting for Mums, Dads, Babies & Toddlers

Rebirth and Awaken
Rebirth and Awaken
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'Sing - Play - Have Fun'

A class for Mums, Dads & Babies.

Chanting & Playing Music enhances the bond with your little one, helps to relax and simply 'be'.

Music contributes to what experts call "a rich sensory environment." This simply means exposing kids to a wide variety of tastes, smells, textures, colors, and sounds — experiences that can create more pathways between the cells in their brains.

These neural connections will help kids in almost every area of life.

We start with a short meditation and then sing together & make music. This includes anything from ancient mantras, Om through to devotional chants.

Mantra chanting uses vibration and sacred sound to connect to the most infinite aspect of being, to open the heart, to quiet the mind, and to elevate the circumstances for both mother and child. For someone going through the tremendous changes of mother/fatherhood, mantra is a powerful tool for peace and joy.



PAPA’s Park is a community-run garden, playground and cafe in the London Borough of Lambeth.

Do let us know you are coming by confirming with and email to: [masked]

Suggested Donation: £5

Give love to you & your baby. It’s life, it’s love, it’s nature & creation.


- Wear loose clothing

- Good mood and positive spirit

- Any instruments you and your little one like to play - rattles, bells, drums.

We look forward to sharing this special time together with you.

Much love,

Gayatri, Claudia & Baby Maja xxx

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About Gayatri

Gayatri uses a combination of Sanskrit Chants, Rainbow Songs, Voicework and Sound Healing in her work.

Gayatri teaches sound and movement explorations to encourage people to tap into their creativity and go into their heart space. Even those who thought they’d never sing or chant find themselves responding to Gayatri’s circle, losing their inhibitions and making sound spontaneously and joyfully.

Gayatri has been studying the practice of Voicework and Chanting since 2006, her primary teachers being Stewart Pearce, Nikki Slade and Chloe Goodchild. In the summer 2015 she attended a Sound Healing course with Tim Wheater and Cherubelle Sanson. Later in the year, she studied with Sanj Hall, in playing gongs and learning more singing bowls techniques. In 2016 she trained with Ashera in Solfeggio Tuning Fork therapy.

About Cloud Neun

"I teach yoga because I believe it has the power to free us. It is a practice that takes us deep, it's inspiring, fun and often more than a little testing! But it has the capacity to teach us, guide us and show us who we really are, all judgement stripped away. It lays us bare in the most beautiful way, you and your ego face to face."

Ultimately it's not about one lonely persons struggle for vanity, it's about Shakti, the universal power that guides us all.

Cloud Neun has been led all over the world by her love of yoga, exploring asana, meditation and Tantra. She is always learning and feels honoured to share that journey with her students.

Yoga is a movement meditation, an offering of how you move through life and conveying this stillness and freedom is at the core of how Cloud Neun teaches. Her classes are slow and strong, challenging and peaceful, like riding a big wave in the ocean.

Cloud Neun is a firm believer that through steady practice and devotion, all people – regardless of age, gender,race or religion – can experience the Oneness of Yoga. (