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Our group supports each other to make the diet and lifestyle changes outlined in Dr. Dale Bredesen’s 2017 book “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”. We learn from each other, connect, get fresh air, sunshine, and time in nature—all terrific for brain health. We most often meet at a park for a 90 minute discussion. And there's a great opportunity to take a walk with other like-minded members on the same path to optimizing brain health before or after the group discussion.

**PLEASE DO NOT hit the REQUEST TO JOIN button if you have not read any of Dr. Bredesen's book or if you are not visiting/living in San Diego and able to attend meetings in person.**

Who should join:

(1) This Brain Health Optimizers Meetup is for people actively interested in preventing cognitive decline, possibly due to family history of Alzheimer’s or ApoE4+ status, or in reversing subjective or early mild cognitive impairment (MCI). (If at the stage of MCI, you need to be under the care of a Bredesen-trained doctor.)

(and 2) This group is for people who have ALREADY read most of Dr. Bredesen’s 2016 book “The End of Alzheimer’s” and are inspired to implement much of Dr. Bredesen's diet and lifestyle program as it appears in chapter 8.

(and 3) Our meetup is for people able to meet IN PERSON in SAN DIEGO to help each other implement the lifestyle medicine program one step at a time.

**BEFORE REQUESTING TO JOIN our meetup, familiarize yourself with the Reversing COgnitive DEcline AKA ReCODE Protocol™ to both ensure that this meetup is a good match for you and have a basic understanding of what ReCODE™ entails before joining our discussions.**

If you cannot regularly attend our noon Wednesday meetups, my online "Revitalize Your Brain" support group may fit more easily into your life. Visit https://nurturebrainhealth.com/home/how-i-can-help/group-program/ for all the details and/or to add yourself to the interest list.


We have lively discussions about topics provoked by the book, including favorite snacks/meals/recipes/groceries aligned with the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet, balancing blood sugar, gradually fitting in more physical activity, handling sleep issues, exploring stress management, understanding lab tests, improving gut health, reducing toxin exposure, stimulating activities for your brain, inexpensive local restaurant meals aligned with the Ketoflex diet, education about supplements, improving mindset, and overcoming challenges to adhering to the ReCODE™ program.

All members are expected to keep personal details shared in discussions CONFIDENTIAL. The meeting is time to be PRESENT and supportive, so please take personal phone calls, texts, and general cell phone distractions away from our meeting. We often incorporate a break for gentle movement or a breathing exercise about halfway through the discussion.

This Brain Health Optimizers group may also provide an opportunity to meet an accountability partner who could help keep you on track with the ReCODE™ diet and lifestyle. Community support is key to putting the program into practice.

Meetup members trying to bootstrap themselves on the Ketoflex diet and brain healthy lifestyle are equally welcome as those in the care and oversight of a Bredesen-trained doctor. AHNP (the company that owns the ReCODE Protocol™) wants everyone to understand that you're NOT truly following a personalized ReCODE Protocol™ unless you are guided by a custom ReCODE Report™ (see links to sign up below) generated from analysis of your unique lab results and personal data. While I encourage all members to sign up for a Report and seek the supervision of a ReCODE™ doctor, I whole-heartedly understand how this may be beyond the financial reach of many.

Our group discussions will draw from Dr. Bredesen's 2017 book, published research, and my broad education in the functional medicine approach to brain health. AHNP prohibits me from sharing their intellectual property gained in my ReCODE™ practitioner training with individuals who haven't subscribed to a ReCODE Report™.



Determine if his therapeutic lifestyle recommendations are a good fit for you by either (1) reading at least Chapter 8 of "The End of Alzheimer's", (2) reviewing Dale Bredesen's research/lectures, and/or (3) partnering with a healthcare practitioner with training in the ReCODE Protocol™. This group is for people committed to implementing much of the ketogenic diet, physical activity, sleep practices, stress management, supplements, toxin reduction, and brain training recommended in the the book. Our focus is supporting each other in person in San Diego rather than via online discussions. The meetup is a good fit for people at the stage of prevention or experiencing subjective/very mild cognitive decline. The meetup is NOT appropriate for people already diagnosed with Alzheimer's.


About me:

I’m Jen, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Qualified ReCODE Report™ Practitioner--meaning I have graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and completed Dr. Bredesen's ReCODE™ training for healthcare practitioners. I eat the Ketoflex diet and practice the brain healthy lifestyle myself. I am continually learning from others’ experiences via this Meetup as well as from the ReCODE™ patients of San Diego doctors I partner with. You can find out more about me and my services at https://nurturebrainhealth.com/ .

Important additional info:

(i) If you're interested in PREVENTION of Alzheimer's, terrific.

(ii) If you feel that you may already be experiencing early cognitive impairment (Subjective Cognitive Impairment or SCI), I urge you to consult a doctor. No one should self-treat an established neurodegenerative condition. There is guesswork involved in using the book alone as guidance. You are not truly "living" the ReCODE™ Protocol until you have subscribed to ReCODE Reports™ with supervision from a Bredesen-trained practitioner.

(iii) If you're already experiencing mild cognitive impairment (MCI), please seek the care of a doctor trained in the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ who can run comprehensive lab tests and generate a ReCODE Report™ to identify your potential underlying causes of neurodegeneration, then personalize the protocol, supplements, and medical therapies for your unique condition. MCI is often a prelude to Alzheimer's; it requires medical oversight and intervention beyond the scope of this support group. This group is only appropriate for people in early stage MCI when an adjunct to the care of a Bredesen-trained doctor.

(iv) This Meetup is not suited for people already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease.

*The information we discuss at our meetups is for educational purposes only. Please consult your healthcare provider before undertaking any diet and lifestyle change. You need to work with your own healthcare practitioner(s) for personalized testing, diagnosis, guidance, and prescriptions beyond our discussions about putting the general Bredesen diet and lifestyle recommendations into practice.

Our collective purpose is to help each other practice the healthy lifestyle that broadly avoids the drivers of Alzheimer’s disease and other major chronic diseases as well. We will all be more successful building better brain health together. Given time and practice, I look forward to hearing about people’s gains in mental clarity, memory, blood sugar balance, body weight normalization, and many other aspects of well-being.

If all this sounds good to you, please join us!

Jen Felix


Additional Policies:

1) You must attend in person to receive handouts. Please do not request to receive handouts by email.

2) Members who have attended 3 in-person meetups or have been an online member for more than 3 months may be asked for a $6 donation to chip in on the basic operating costs of the meetup.

3) Members may receive an inquiry as to whether they’ve been evaluated for SCI, MCI, or early AD. If you perceive that you’re having “senior moments”, it’s essential to have a cognitive assessment for cognitive impairment to determine whether further medical evaluation is needed. Besides the gradual onset of Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss can be due to Lewy Body dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, excessive alcohol use, brain tumors, adverse effects of prescription drugs, head injury, or other causes. Therefore, it's imperative to consult your doctor about your symptoms. A few of the most inexpensive, least time-consuming, clinically-validated cognitive assessments include the Mini-Cog, Ace-R, MoCA, and CNS-VS tests. (If you have established memory loss, insurance should cover one of these tests. I am MoCA-certified and will administer the MoCA test for a $20 cash fee to those who arrange to sit for the brief test with me before or after one of our meetups.) Cognitive issues due to non-Alzheimer’s causes may not be helped by the ReCODE Protocol™. All members with known cognitive impairment must be currently under the care and supervision of a physician. This will help give you the greatest chance to live your best life.


For those newly interested in Dr. Bredesen's research, here’s a bit more background:

Dr. Bredesen has held faculty and lead positions at UCSF, UCLA, UCSD, the Program on Aging at the Burnham Institute, and the Buck Institute on Aging.

Find the in-press case report of cognitive decline reversed in 100 patients at https://www.omicsonline.org/ArchiveJADP/art... (https://www.omicsonline.org/ArchiveJADP/articleinpress-alzheimers-disease-parkinsonism-open-access.php) .

Find the 2016 research paper showing reversal of cognitive in Alzheimer’s disease here http://www.aging-us.com/article/100981/text#fulltext . (The MEND protocol version preceded the current ReCODE 3.0 protocol.) Dr. Bredesen and his team provided the first clinical results in 2014 showing that it is possible to prevent, slow, and even reverse the progression of cognitive decline associated with Alzheimer’s disease with a multi-modal functional medicine systems approach.

Regarding the diet:

Our group is for people intending to try the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet as a way to therapeutically optimize brain health. “The End of Alzheimer’s” details the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet, but doesn’t provide recipes or meal plans; we help each other with that. For practical guidance on the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet, visit my website https://nurturebrainhealth.com/recode-resources/ketoflex-eating/ .

If you’re not used to eating this way, take it step-by-step. The first step might be removing added sugar and flour. If you’re feeling gung-ho, that’s terrific, but I encourage a slow transition for long-term success--gradually allowing your metabolism to adapt to running on more fat and less sugar without dips in blood sugar. We’ll explore smart ways to progress at our Meetup and mention signs when prolonged nutritional ketosis might not be ideal for you.

ReCODE™ Doctors and Reports:

For a directory of local Bredesen-trained practitioners who treat patients to prevent/reverse cognitive decline, please enter your email address and location in the submission form at https://www.ahnphealth.com/reverse.html . The $75/month subscription for one year (or more) to unlimited ReCODE Reports™ will give you access to local ReCODE practitioners, ReCODE™ guides, the premium BrainHQ app, and monthly town halls with Dr. Bredesen.

A second option includes limited access to ReCODE™ practitioners, a suite of basic ReCODE™ lab tests, and a single ReCODE Report™ (based on those test results and additional answers). The one-time ReCODE Report package is available for $1,399 with sign-up at https://www.ahnphealth.com/recode.html .

Either option is a worthwhile investment for anyone already experiencing cognitive decline and committed to trying the ReCODE™ program for at least 6 months. (I do not earn any kick-backs or credit from clicks or purchases from AHNP Health.)

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