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Read our unique meetup description BEFORE applying to join.

We are committed to optimizing brain health through the diet and lifestyle outlined in Dr. Dale Bredesen’s 2017 book “The End of Alzheimer’s: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline”. Our meetings are an opportunity to take the your brain health protocol to the next level while connecting with other like-minds. Community support is key to putting the Bredesen Protocol™ into practice and maintaining a brain healthy lifestyle.

Our meetups can be excellent brain therapy--you get healing social connection, a cognitive challenge during the educational portion, circadian rhythm-regulating sunshine along with fresh air when at the park, social accountability for building healthy habits, and a brief gentle movement break or guided breathwork. Our progress is accelerated through learning from each others' experiences and being uplifted within a shared group mission to create and preserve optimal brain health.

While our meetup is ideal for helping you put your Bredesen-trained practitioner's diet and lifestyle recommendations into practice and maintaining those excellent health habits, our group CANNOT provide PERSONALIZED healthcare advice. For optimal brain health, engage your own doctor along with one-on-one support from a health coach for personalized testing, diagnosis, guidance, tailoring the Protocol, oversight, individualized assistance, and prescriptions.

*****Do NOT hit the "REQUEST TO JOIN" button until you have read our group's description above and the six membership criteria below. If it appears you have not read or do not meet the criteria 1 - 6, your request to join will likely be declined.*****

Our group only includes members dedicated enough to the Bredesen Protocol™ to read this webpage and ensure that they are a good match for the description below. Ours is a special group. We even had Dr. Bredesen talk with us directly (see photo). I'm eager to welcome the 1 out of 3 of you who fit all six criteria below. Unfortunately, about 2 out of 3 people hit join and must be declined for not reading/meeting the guidelines.



(1) You must have ALREADY READ most of Dr. Bredesen’s 2017 book “The End of Alzheimer’s” and be inspired to implement much of the diet and lifestyle as it appears in chapter 8. Familiarize yourself with the Protocol™ for REversing COgnitive DEcline [ReCODE™] to both ensure that you embrace the recommendations and to have a basic understanding of what the multi-faceted protocol entails BEFORE joining our discussions. This group is only for people committed to implementing much of the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet, physical activity, sleep hygiene, stress management, supplements, toxin reduction, and brain training recommended in the book.

(2) You must be able to meet IN PERSON in SAN DIEGO. Do NOT APPLY to join if you cannot attend meetups in San Diego. We do NOT post online discussions.

(3) We welcome people at the stage of PREVENTING cognitive decline--possibly due to family history of Alzheimer’s disease [AD], ApoE4+ status, or with possible signs of subjective cognitive impairment (SCI)--at all of our meetups. Our regular Wednesday meetings often include a fast-paced deep dive into aspects of the Bredesen Protocol™ and the scientific underpinnings. They are NOT suited for those diagnosed with dementia, pre-Alzheimer's, or Alzheimer's.

(4) Members with mild cognitive impairment (MCI or pre-Alzheimer’s) MUST BOTH be accompanied by a support person AND be under the care of a Bredesen-trained doctor via Apollo Health's ReVERSE™ subscription. We have occasional ReCODE meetups intended to support such couples (that are different than our routine Wednesday meetings). Please RSVP separately for 2 people because BOTH the support person and individual with cognitive decline need to attend together at these special ReCODE meetings. Keep in mind that the regular Wednesday meetings at the park are for people without significant existing cognitive decline.

(5) The meetup is NOT appropriate for people already diagnosed with dementia nor for early, moderate or advanced Alzheimer's. I'm very sorry if this is the advanced stage of cognitive decline you're dealing with.

(6) Your contribution of $5-10 per meetup attended helps support our mission. All members need to chip in at least $5 per meetup attended to cover basic operating costs (including the $197 yearly meetup.com subscription) and may additionally volunteer if that is preferred to contributing the full $10. Your financial support keeps our meetups from being polluted by marketing/advertising and potential bias created by corporate sponsorship. Bring cash in person to the meetings or contribute via MC/Visa/PayPal at https://nurturebrainhealth.com/donations/ .

________________________________________________________________ THANK YOU for reading and making it this far!!

If you suspect that you may already be experiencing memory issues, I urge you to consult a doctor. No one should self-treat an established neurodegenerative condition. There is guesswork involved in using the book alone as guidance. You are not truly "living" the Bredesen ReCODE Protocol™ until you have subscribed to the ReVERSE™ programs offered by Apollo Health and are receiving medical care from a Bredesen-trained practitioner.

If you cannot regularly attend our weekday meetups or if you seek the benefits of structured biweekly group meetings with coaching and additional resources, my "Revitalize Your Brain" support group may better meet your needs. Please visit http://nurturebrainhealth.com/home/how-i-can-help/group-program for all the details and/or to add yourself to the group coaching interest list.

**If you know someone over the age of 60 with a MoCA score in the range of 12-22 who has NOT yet started the Bredesen Protocol, you may message me to inquire more about a local clinical trial that will be recruiting over a limited time in 2020. This MoCA score range roughly corresponds with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) or mild dementia.


We have lively discussions about topics provoked by Dr. Bredesen's book, including favorite snacks/meals/recipes/groceries aligned with a brain healthy diet, balancing blood sugar, gradually fitting in more physical activity, handling sleep issues, exploring stress management, understanding lab tests, improving gut health, reducing toxin exposure, training/challenging your brain, affordable healthy ketogenic meal options at local restaurants, education about supplements, improving mindset, and overcoming challenges to adhering to the holistic program.

Our Brain Health Optimizers group may also provide an opportunity to meet an accountability partner who could help keep you on track with the diet and lifestyle.

My group presentations draw from Dr. Bredesen's 2017 book, published research, and my broad education in the functional medicine approach to brain health and overall wellness. However, Apollo Health prohibits me from sharing their intellectual property gained from my Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioner training with individuals who haven't subscribed to their ReVERSE™ program.

The information we discuss at our meetups is for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. Please consult your healthcare provider before undertaking any diet and lifestyle change.

You must attend in person to receive handouts. Please do not request to receive handouts by email.

All members are expected to keep personal details shared in discussions CONFIDENTIAL. The meeting is a time to be PRESENT and supportive, so please take personal phone calls, texts, and general cell phone distractions away from our meeting. We often incorporate a break for gentle movement or a breathing exercise about halfway through the meeting.


GUIDELINES for attending Brain Health Optimizer meetups (at the park on Wednesdays) VS. Bredesen Protocol Support Group/ReCODE™ meetups (at the library on Mondays):

(A) Individuals at the stage of PREVENTION are free to attend ALL of our Brain Health Optimizer meetups. Apollo Health wants everyone to understand that you're not truly following a personalized Bredesen Protocol™ unless you are guided by your custom ReCODE Report™ (see https://nurturebrainhealth.com/recode-resources/labs-reports-doctors/ for more info) analysis of your unique lab results and personal data. While I encourage all members to sign up for a Report and care under a Qualified ReCODE Report™ practitioner, I whole-heartedly understand how this may be beyond the financial reach of many at the stage of prevention.

(B) Participants trying to REVERSE significant existing cognitive issues must be accompanied by a supportive partner.

(C) Members with significant cognitive impairment (MCI or pre-Alzheimer's) need to be subscribed to Apollo Health's ReVERSE™ program and under the care and supervision of a ReCODE Report Qualified™ physician. A doctor trained in the Bredesen Protocol™ can run comprehensive lab tests and generate a ReCODE Report™ to identify your potential underlying causes of neurodegeneration, then personalize the protocol, supplements, and medical therapies for your unique condition. SCI or MCI is often a prelude to Alzheimer's, requiring medical oversight and intervention beyond the scope of this support group. Therefore, this group is only appropriate for people with MCI or in early stage Alzheimer’s when under the care of a Bredesen-trained doctor. I (Jen) do not receive any kickbacks from you signing up for ReCODE™ or the ReVERSE™ Program (see http://www.apollohealthco.com ), or with any other Bredesen-trained practitioner. Rather, this requirement (C) gives you the greatest chance to live your best life.

(D) Participants may receive an inquiry from me as to whether they’ve been evaluated for SCI, MCI, or early AD. If you perceive that you’re having “senior moments”, it’s essential to have a cognitive assessment for cognitive impairment to determine whether further medical evaluation is needed, see https://nurturebrainhealth.com/recode-resources/cognitive-testing/ . Besides the gradual onset of Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss can be due to Lewy Body dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease, excessive alcohol use, brain tumors, adverse effects of prescription drugs, head injury, or other causes. Therefore, it's imperative to consult your doctor about your symptoms. A few of the most inexpensive, least time-consuming, clinically-validated cognitive assessments include the Mini-Cog, Ace-R, MoCA, and CNS-Vital Signs tests.

Insurance may cover getting one of these tests through your physician. If not, I am MoCA-certified and will administer the MoCA test for a $25 cash fee to those who arrange to sit for the brief test with me before or after one of our meetups. I can also offer you a one-time CNS-VS test with full report to take online at home for $45. It is vital for people experiencing cognitive issues to obtain an initial objective assessment of the level of the problem. Note that cognitive issues due to NON-Alzheimer’s causes may not be helped by the Bredesen Protocol™.


I’m Jen Felix, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Qualified ReCODE Report™ Practitioner--this means I have graduated from the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and completed Dr. Bredesen's training for healthcare practitioners (AKA the Institute for Functional Medicine's advanced module on cognitive decline). I eat the Ketoflex 12/3™ diet and practice a brain healthy lifestyle daily. I am continually learning from others’ experiences via this meetup as well as from the numerous patients of San Diego doctors I have partnered with since January 2018. Please refer to the photo of me with Dr. Bredesen above to help spot me at you first meeting.

You can learn more about me, Dr. Bredesen’s research, a brain healthy diet, how to get a ReCODE Report™, and my health coaching services at my website http://nurturebrainhealth.com .


The collective purpose of Brain Health Optimizers is to help each other practice the healthy lifestyle that broadly avoids the drivers of Alzheimer’s Disease and other major chronic diseases as well. We are all on a mission to live a long, functional, vibrant life. We'll all be more successful building better brain health when we pursue this together as a community. Given time and practice, I look forward to hearing about people’s gains in mental clarity, memory, blood sugar balance, body weight normalization, and many other aspects of well-being.

Thank you for your time to read and understand what our meetup is all about. If all this sounds like a good match for you, please join our very special group!

Jen Felix

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