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What we’re about

Did you grow up around adults who were hyper-critical? Judgmental? Perfectionistic? Controlling? Unpredictably angry?  

This childhood shaped the life you’re living now.  Your patterns of feeling, thinking, behaving – even your health emerge from your childhood experiences. 

• Are you often anxious… insecure… tense… easily hurt… irritable… angry… ashamed?

• Do you worry about avoiding mistakes… avoiding embarrassment?

• Do you have trouble getting things done? Over-think and under-act?

• Are you “playing small” socially or in your career?  

This baggage from childhood is not who you are at your core and it can be resolved enabling you to live a more confident, self-accepting, rewarding life.   Are you ready for change?

At this meetup you’ll: 

1) Gain more insight into how your current life connects back to your childhood experiences; 

2) Learn how you can free yourself from unwanted patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving using Energy Psychology and Intentional Healing; 

3) Experience for yourself these powerful tools for personal change. 

To preserve your privacy, this group is private.  Please join for specifics about meetups.