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What we’re about

We are road cycles who ride the roads and bike paths from San Pedro to Pacific Palisades.

We are “intermediate” level riders. This means faster than causal cyclists, but we are not racers. We are serious cyclists who think of cycling as training/workout/exercise, but also as a group/social activity. All our rides are “semi-no-drop” meaning we will regroup at various points and no one is left alone who does not know the route.

There is a breakfast ride every Sunday morning. The length varies, but we always start at 7:30 AM from Malaga cove in Palos Verdes and ride to some restaurant in San Pedro, El Segundo, or maybe Torrance. The destination is different each week.

Other rides may be on weekdays and start near Redondo Beach or Malaga Cove and go either South into Palos Verdes or North to MDR, Venice, and Pacific Palisades. These are 25 to 45 miles rides.

To do these rides, you need to be competent on the road in traffic. We try to find bike-friendly routes, but “this is Los Angeles, not Copenhagen.” You probably need to be able to keep at least a 16-mile-per-hour pace on flat roads and be able to do some hills.

We try to be safe. ALWAYS wear a helmet and blasting through stop signs at 20 miles per hour is not our style.

Some "fine print": The meetup organizer's only function is to suggest events and the date, time, and general route of a ride. Participants should decide on their own if their skill and fitness level allows participation. The organizer does not lead the events. Typically, whoever happens to be the fastest rider will be in the front, with slower riders following. The rider at the front of the pack is not "leading", s/he is just faster, that is all. Decisions after meeting at the meetup location are made by consensus of the group, typically at the start or when regrouping.

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