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Dominic Magnifico, Senior Developer at Zenman

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Process, Process, Process

Dominic Magnifico, a Senior Developer at Zenman in Denver, will be discussing the benefits and importance of process in a digital agency. Creating and sticking to strong processes can mean the difference between a great project and a big fat failure, so you want to be sure that you have the right pieces in place. From setting definitive goals to using the proper technology, from ensuring company-wide participation to the importance of flexibility, a solid foundation is the surest way to success with projects of any size.

About Dominic -

Part internet ninja, part stunt double, Dom has a name that works in conjunction with those sneaky-cool domain URLs. His office mates are all jealous. When not arranging letters and symbols into websites at Zenman, his free time consists of joyriding in his 1972 Pontiac LeMans, drawing, and more coding.


6:30PM - Drinks & Camaraderie
7:00PM - Talk

1062 Delaware Street · Denver, CO