• Invasive Scotch Broom Clipping to Prevent Seed Spread at Derby Reach

    Derby Reach Regional Park Heritage Area Parking

    We'll be clipping back some scotch broom before it seeds to limit its spread. Thanks for registering if you'd like to help support our battle of the scotch broom and can attend the morning of June 3rd.

    Scotch Broom is an invasive species in our area. It increases the risk of high-intensity wildfire as the plant contains high amounts of oils. It also produces dense, impenetrable thickets that impact woodlands, watersheds, and other sensitive ecosystems. These fast-growing shrubs quickly crowd out native plants and offer very little to local wildlife. Each plant can produce up to 10,000 seeds! Which is why we are working to combat the spread of this plant in our parks.

    We'll be meeting at about 9:55am at the Heritage Area Parking Lot at Derby Reach Regional Park.

    Things to consider:

    • The event is on rain or shine.
    • Tools and work gloves will be provided.
    • Wear good sturdy closed-toe shoes or boots.
    • Dress for the weather conditions.
    • Consider mosquito protection or wear loose-fit long-sleeved clothing.
    • Please bring drinking water, in a reusable container if possible, and snacks if needed.
    • Do not attend if you are feeling any cold or flu-like symptoms (but we understand if it's allergies!).