What we're about

Our group is perfect for those interested in all things spirituality e.g. Reiki, meditation, yoga, Tarot, Wicca and general Spiritual wellbeing.

By joining this group, you can connect with people who have the same interests and passions, and we can discuss these freely and comfortably with each other.

We will have regular events online & in-person around London. Example events: Reiki healing, Tarot development, guided meditations, Wicca knowledge shares, film/book discussions, general friendly catch-ups and more!

If any of this interests you, then please join us!

Upcoming events (3)

Reiki Energy Healing✨

Online event

In this session, you will have Reiki sent (or beamed) over to you so you can receive some healing & feel better, happier, calmer and healthier!

Password: SVyTg2

Reiki (meaning Universal Life Force Energy) is a form of energy healing which prompts your own bodily energies to help you heal, balance, cleanse and align.

This healing session includes:

1. Introduction into Reiki; what it means, what it is, how it can be used and its benefits

2. Receiving the healing Reiki. This will be beamed over your entire body & aura to be picked up wherever it's needed (physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, auric, etc. by your Highest Self)

3. Aftercare tips to help the Reiki continue to work inside you, even after the session!

4. Guidance card pulled for everyone!
Come and join this wonderful free session that will be full of healing and light! It will last around 30 minutes (5 minute introduction, 15 minute Reiki, 5 minute aftercare).

During the session, you can sit up or lie down - whatever feels most comfortable to you. I will let you know when the Reiki transmission will begin so you may get comfy.

Also, an optional point: you can grab your favourite crystal(s) to hold in your hands or place on your body during the session to increase the healing!

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For updates on more events, Reiki and more, check out my Instagram @RamanReiki and my website www.ramanreiki.com 🌟

New Year's Resolutions with Tarot/Oracle Guidance

Online event

It's known that by end of January, we've stopped or forgotten about our New Year's Resolutions - so let's catch up to revive how we want to improve and with the help of tarot & oracle cards!

In this session we will share our resolutions, our steps & goals, progress so far (if any) and help inspire each other! 💪🤩

Resolutions can be personal or broad; whatever you want to share & gain more insight and guidance on from others and tarot/oracle cards.

If you have any tarot or oracle decks then please bring these with you so we have a nice mixture of tools! 💛

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Learn to read Auras 🌈✨

Online event

In this session, we will be learning and practicing how to read Auras. 🌈

I learned how to read Auras nearly a year ago & it has been really interesting and insightful (not to mention helping me get along better with people!).

So I would like to share what I know and also learn from others who can also read Auras! Think of this as a knowledge share & skill development.

Come ready to have your camera on, and paper to write notes may be useful.

To book a bespoke Aura reading, visit my website www.ramanreiki.com ✔️

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Christmas Reiki with Crystals Healing

Online event

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