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What we’re about

"All truth is in your heart,

not in the physical heart, but in the core within yourself where your true self resides. To access that truth you must open your heart and Reiki TUMMO can help you do just that. When you learn Reiki TUMMO you are introduced to energy channeling for healing, but also as a tool to lead you into your heart so you can learn directly from your heart, rather than from others."

Please read a message at the end of this page entitled: "We are meant to be happy".


What is Reiki Tummo?

Reiki Tummo is a unique combination of both Reiki (universal energy) and TUMMO (Kundalini energy), attunements and techniques designed to give its practitioner an effective Reiki healing capability as well as a safe, instant and blissful Kundalini awakening. Reiki TUMMO is practiced by thousands of people around the world. It is a safe and natural way to promote health and well-being by restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit.

In the Reiki Tummo Level 2 attunement, your Kundalini is activated and awakened safely and instantly. This translates into expanding your spiritual path and your healing ability. Your ability to channel Reiki energy for healing and other purposes will be greatly improved due to the energy/nadi channel cleansing that occurs via the Kundalini whenever you channel energy. The awakened Kundalini energy will cleanse your chakras and energy bodies 24 hours a day. This increases your energy bodies' vibration, which in turn expands your spiritual consciousness. It is a true divine gift to have this opportunity to awaken your Kundalini in this gentle and safe manner.

Reiki TUMMO: Learn to do self healing and healing of those you love. Please visit:

Newcomers are welcome to join us to experience Reiki Tummo Energy Healing and Open Your Heart Meditation online joining us either by Skype or Zoom workshops. Please RSVP so we can send you the links for either platform,

Reiki TUMMO: Maintains your health; Heals physical, mental, and emotional problems; Improves your relaxation; Improves your state of meditation; Raises your awareness; Increases your energy; Protects you, others, and objects; Cleanses the body, chakras and energy channels; Enables you to be connected to and within your heart. These are all Blessings of Divine Love.

Please see our calendar for dates & times.

Workshops to learn Reiki Tummo Level 1 & 2, are held in online monthly. These are from 7 AM to 4 PM for both days. Every one must enter on Level 1. Even Usui Masters must do Level 1 for the attunement in order to open the sushumna for the next day's Kundalini flow (Level 2).

It's best to do both Level 1 & 2 Workshops together (usually on a Saturday & a Sunday combined), & then practice the meditations daily with the cd's which are basically 20-40 minutes each. And, you could even attend Monday's Kundalini & Meditation Workshops, too. (Prerequisite for Kundalini & Meditation is Level 1 & 2.) So, you can attend 3 days in a row - Saturday, Sunday & Monday.

Unlike most meditations which focus on the third eye chakra, we focus on the heart chakra. This is the way back to eternal happiness and True Source. We learn meditations to quiet the brain. Our hearts grow stronger as we are able to feel more and more of THE LOVE.

If you find down the road that you want to pursue this spiritual pathway, you will need to go past the three Reiki Tummo healing levels and attend Inner Heart & Spiritual Retreat which are held in various major cities throughout the world.

We also offer another set of Workshops which focus mainly on how to open your Heart to feel the Love. These are called Open Heart Workshops. All day, usually 7-4:00 pm Pacific Times.

We also offer Secrets of Natural Walking, Secrets of Natural Healing and Open Heart in Daily Life workshops. Please go to this link for more information on each workshop.


We are meant to be happy.

<br> <br> That has always been something we strive for in this life. In fact, if we look at the motivations behind our thoughts and actions—conscious and unconscious—they are all to get us closer to the feeling, or at least the idea, of happiness.

Some of us have long asked why we cannot hold on to happiness. For all of the scholarship and human insights across the centuries, nobody has found a complete and enduring answer. Perhaps because it has been too close to see…

The answer, the key, is our heart. <br> <br> <br> We have been told throughout our lives to “follow your heart”. This has been written in countless holy texts as well, across virtually all religions, since the very beginning. This is because our heart - even without us realizing it - feels the Love that comes from True Source, who loves us completely, and always wants the very best for us.

In opening and using our heart, we are blessed with lasting peace and happiness that we can feel—actually and really feel—in our daily lives. Our daily life is actually a manifestation of how strongly we are connected to our Creator, the True Source. Thus, an open heart is also the real key to our spiritual advancement in getting closer to True Source, the Source of Eternal Peace and True Joy.

Why is our heart the main connection to True Source? Why is our heart the center of beautiful feelings? Why is our heart, not our brain or other parts of us, the key?

Our heart is the key because our true self is within our heart. Our true self that is within our heart will continue to live on even after this lifetime has been completed. While our physical body is only a temporary “shell”—flesh and blood that will one day turn into dust—our relationship with True Source is eternal. We need True Source and True Source’s Love not only when we are alive on this earth, but forever and always. As we are still in our physical body, our heart (not the physical heart but the spiritual heart – the center of our feeling) is where and how we remain connected to True Source. With this connection, our heart communicates with True Source and receives True Source’s Blessings. In receiving True Source’s Blessings, we can feel so many beautiful things within our heart, including the feeling of lightness, calmness, peace, happiness, and joy beyond all things we have ever felt from our worldly experiences. Being calm and joyful at every moment of our life may sound fantastic, even impossible. Now recognize that it is your brain making this judgment, imposing this false limitation. In this regard, you may have quite a bit of work to do in getting out of your own way. Our brain is so strong—we have spent so much of our life within our head—that it can overtake our heart at the beginning. However, our heart knows that peace, calmness, and happiness await us once we begin opening and using our heart. It is only a matter of opening it up to let True Source’s Blessing do the best for us.

<br> <br> <br> How beautiful and exciting it is to consider that all these wonderful feelings are within us at all times. All we need to do is to open and use our heart to be able to feel and enjoy these wonderful Blessings.

May you open your heart to the Creator and use your heart to experience the peace, calmness, and happiness within.