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What we’re about

Ever spent time creating good quality tools for your developers to use to improve their productivity?

Ever worked on setting up a complex test, build, and release pipeline?

Using tools ranging from jenkins to cloudbuild or github actions? Defining the branching strategies, code review process, and how CI/CD would work? Integrating the Build Event Protocol with tools like bazel or gradle, buildbarn, buildfarm, buildbuddy - or running your builds in the cloud? Have you been arguing about how to best use cmake, ninja, or a simple Makefile? Helped provide docker containers for your builds? Setting up language servers? Or the build server protocol? Creating tooling, infrastructures, UIs to make your build and release process a smooth ride?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, this is the meetup for you. Come join us at our events to discuss your pains, share your success stories, or drown your sorrows in a supportive group.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events