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What we’re about

Please dream about the great place to work:

  • The work works
  • Collaboration is smooth and effective
  • The norms support trust, safety, and fairness
  • The organization as a whole is able to decide, manage time, reflect, and improve
  • People take responsibility and initiative
  • Individuals both align and use their individual strengths as necessary

This has been experienced and studied in small stable teams.

The same principles lead to great collaboration and performance in large organizations. Projects, communities, line organizations, single workshops, and even remote teams work better when you create the working conditions and serve the human needs for collaboration.

I have been looking at working life for 35 years. I would like to see that the majority of teams are able to do teamwork. Ok. Average. Normal. But what I usually see is a couple of brilliant teams, the majority of the teams peacefully dragging their feet and the rest struggling.

This experience is supported by the researcher Susan Wheelan, who studied about 600 teams for decades. She concluded that 50% of people have never experienced decent teamwork.

This is waste, unutilized human potential.

Everyone interested in improving collaboration and performance in their organization is welcome!