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What we’re about

Remember who you really are. It's kind of pretentious, but gets the message across. Come learn about energy healing and being real, relationships and self empowerment, extraordinary consciousness and choice. Rejoice in a supportive atmosphere where you'll feel free to explore your boundaries and test your limits while remaining safe. We're glad you found us and look forward to connecting in person.
We'll have conversations about:
Consciousness and ways of affecting it such as meditation, yoga and martial arts, hypnosis, and other kinds of amazing magic. Awareness and how it plays a role in what you experience in life. That will lead to discussing conscious creation (often mistakenly referred to as Law of Attraction) and its proponents including channeled material such as Abraham Hicks and Seth among others.
Energy healing including EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique),chakras and chakra balancing,Reiki, Qigong, Quantum Touch, Reconnective Healing, and any others that someone is interested in.
Spirituality, metaphysics, nondualism, self-empowerment, spiritual growth, and transformation. We're going to have excitingly deep conversations  about these and related topics, and we're going to apply our philosophy in activities and new attitudes and thought patterns to improve our lives.
Some other topics will include holistic health, improving relationships with better communication skills, and we'll be doing some hiking and enjoying lots of adventure.


Continuity of self is an illusion. There is no death other than in the physical sense of a body ceasing to function cohesively. There is no identity with which to experience death. You are continually renewed, every moment is its own complete experience.

Dreams are no less real than what you feel now. The only difference from this and a dream is how time operates. This is no more real than a dream. 

We are to remember, not something from the past, but how we got to now just now. In this exact instant, everything-that-is happened to click into the place that it's in; we are to remember it all, everything that is happening. Full on awareness of the entirety of our illusion.

And then,

 onward to reality....

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