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Oct 2022 RDI Meeting

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Hosted By
Jeanna K. and Jeremy B.
Oct 2022 RDI Meeting


Meeting Format:
600pm-630pm Networking
630pm-650pm 20 second commercial
650pm-720pm Pitch your Deal!
720pm-740pm Wants, Needs, Referrals, Shameless self promotion
740pm-845pm Networking

$15 per person purchase from Shield's
Masks - your choice
That's it.

Let's keep it real. We go to networking events to meet new people and make more money. All the frills and distractions have been ruthlessly cut.

You could stay home and rot your brain with more TV and politics or you could come out to the meeting and make some shit happen in your business.

Your choice.

Shield's Pizza
25101 Telegraph, Southfield

Be a Renegade

P.S. Check out the podcast :

Renegade Detroit Investors
Renegade Detroit Investors
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25101 Telegraph Rd.(North of 10 Mile Rd.) · Southfield, MI