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What we’re about

RTN is a group of people who are actively pursuing our dreams and accepting responsibility for all of the success (or lack of it!) that we see in our lives. We are connecting with one another to grow our businesses and lives in an intentional manner and in alignment with our own best selves.
****PLEASE NOTE! All of the members of Reno/Tahoe Networking are seeking to grow our success in our businesses and projects, and we know that success begins with integrity. We are excited to have committed members who understand the power of their own word and promise and are pleased to have you join us as a member. In support of our mutual goals, we have a policy that a "yes" RSVP to one of our meetups means you will attend, or be respectful of yourself, and the other members of our group, and cancel your RSVP if your plans change. If you are a "no-show" to any two meetups, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the group. 
Reno/Tahoe Networking has two objectives:
• Become the best possible networkers, giving and receiving massive value and,
• Support one another to grow in business and in life.
We hold introductory networking meetings once every month (Networking 101) to introduce you to our group and our philosophy. 

Our Regular Meeting:
Networking 101
Many of us only need the help of one or two perfect connections to propel us forward towards our goals. This meeting is for committed networkers who want to find connections that will help in a serious way and are willing to help others do the same. If you are ready to network with an open heart and clear intention...... JOIN US!
Networking Adventures, Workshops and Speakers
Growing a business is an adventurous experience. It requires you to look deeper within yourself in order to live a fuller, more vibrant life by taking time for self-discovery and self-care on every level.  In RTN, we gather together in various ways to discuss new ideas, share information and cheer each other on. We always remember that:

• We are a group of powerful creators who have decided to support one another in building better lives for ourselves and those around us.
• We are here to "walk our talk" and hold each other accountable to reaching our personal and professional goals. 
• We believe in looking forward - not back- and in celebrating what is working instead of pushing against what is not.
• We know all of our power is in the present moment and that all of the answers we seek reside within us.
We want YOU to connect, have fun, feel safe, appreciated and recognized while becoming more successful in your business and personal life by knowing your value. We help you understand the importance of taking action, being creative and staying accountable. 
Our local meetings and events are growing in number as our membership increases - why not join us as we grow?

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