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What we’re about

We are a non-profit group formed through a joint collaboration of and's Local program.

Who is
AI4Diversity is a community-led non-profit initiative with a mission to educate and raise awareness about AI, and provide a platform for discussion and decision-making regarding its deployment and use in the local community. With more than 400,000 members, it is to ensure that AI is developed and used in a responsible and ethical manner that benefits the community, rather than causing harm. Through its community-led approach, this organization can help build trust and confidence in AI, making the local community feel safer and more confident in its use.

Who is
Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is the world's largest computing society that brings together computing professionals, educators, and researchers. It has a reach extending to every part of the world, including 4 million peers interacting with the ACM Digital Library. ACM leverages its international respect and leadership to shape public policy worldwide and promotes computer research and innovation through its journals, magazines, and conference proceedings. The ACM Turing Award often referred to as the “Nobel Prize of Computing,” carries a $1 million prize.