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What we’re about

Are you discouraged with your work environment?
Are you changing your job every couple of years, but making little progress?
Have you realized that trading hours for dollars is a recipe for poverty?

Go to school, get a degree, get a job, change jobs. Rinse, Lather. Repeat
For many people, this is OK. Paycheck. No stress.
For some people, this is not OK. Very stressful.
Which one are you?

Even in these pandemic times, there are many opportunities, often digital or virtual, for building a passive income stream in your spare evening hours.

You can binge on Netflix, browse YouTube channels, or, you can invest in a more rewarding and fulfilling future by using these same evenings or weekends for your personal benefit. Passive income means that eventually, money comes in every day, even after you have stopped working. Imagine having the choice of retiring in 10 years!

For those of you who are curious, hungry for more money and all the freedom that comes along with it, exciting times are ahead. Your future self can be financially independent.

If you want to receive periodic alerts containing business opportunities and ideas (some say: a side hustle), free or almost-free training tools, how-to guides in many different domains, recommendations for books, podcasts, audios and videos, then this group is your ticket.

My goal is to help you to elicit the entrepreneur inside of you, to provide you with new ways to think about the possibilities, to inform you of tools and techniques that others are successfully employing today to achieve their dreams of financial independence.

There is a path of success for every personality.

The best time to start a business (or side hustle) was 10 years ago. The second best time is right now.