• Team Forming Night (for both New and Returning RHoKers!)

    RHoK is a community of people who are passionate about using technology to solve problems for the greater good. Intrigued? If you're thinking of coming along to this year's RHoK Sydney Summer Hackathon, or just want to find out what RHoK is all about then this is your chance to find out who we are, what we do and how we can all do our little bit of hacking for humanity! We'll also be introducing our new changemakers, and giving people a chance to meet each other over a drink and some food and begin forming their teams for the Hackathon weekend. We'll start with food and drinks at 6pm and pitches should kick off around 6:30pm. See you there! Make sure you also RSVP to the Hackathon and the Ideation Evening! Hackathon: https://www.meetup.com/rhok-sydney/events/264686954/

  • Ideation Evening


    Ideation night is all about working out how we can create a realistic scope for each changemaker's idea - something that can be designed and implemented in a weekend. Together with small teams of skilled technologists, designers or business experts, ideas are thrown around in a really informal and casual environment to create a rough plan for a minimum viable product. We will provide food, drinks and all the stuff you need to make the ideas happen. All we need from you is to come down and contribute your brainpower to getting some brilliant ideas launched. ;) As this an ideation session only, there will be no coding at this event. Note: We recommend attendees of this event to attend the Team Forming night (https://www.meetup.com/rhok-sydney/events/264687013/). This will ensure you have all the information you need from our changemakers to get right into ideating for the hackathon weekend ahead. The Team Forming night is where we'll actually explain how RHoK works and where our new change-makers give a proper pitch on what they are about and what they goals are :) Link to the Team forming night event page: https://www.meetup.com/rhok-sydney/events/264687013/ Link to the Hackathon weekend event page: https://www.meetup.com/rhok-sydney/events/264686954/.

  • Summer Hackathon 2019


    Challenge your thinking and hack for humanity at the next RHoK summer hackathon! As part of a national movement, we will be gathering together on the 30th and 1st to work with change-makers from the community to solve problems that have a positive social impact. -----Who can 'hack'?----- We're calling for individuals who want to make a difference and are passionate about using technology for the greater good. Our past hackers have come from various backgrounds including: ✔️ design (UI/UX/product) ✔️ software development ✔️ business analytics and ✔️ more! So if that's you, join us for a packed and rewarding weekend. Collaborate with new people. Get excited about an idea. Put all your effort behind it. Run up against a wall, then climb over it. Make it work in a weekend. Present the solution to the judges. Walk away from the event knowing you made a difference. _________________________________________________ -----Changemakers & their challenges----- TBA: We're still looking for changemakers! If you've got a for-purpose idea that needs help from the kind of people above, apply on rhokaustralia.org! _________________________________________________ ----- What to bring ----- Pease bring your own laptop 💻 or other devices that you need.🎤🎧📷📹🎞️🎬⌨️🖱️📱🔦 We provide stationary📝🖍️, powerboards🔌🔋, wifi📶, nibbles🍫🍬🍿and some drinks.🚰☕🥤 _________________________________________________ ----- Important to know ----- • Please RSVP so we have an idea of numbers :) • Join our slack channel and chit chat with other RHoK stars at: tinyurl.com/rhok-slack • See you Saturday for 9 am Kickoff! :) Otherwise RHoK up when you can, as the teams go full speed ahead starting at 10 am!