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What we’re about

I love movies. You love movies. Let's all love movies together. The plan is 2 movies or more a month, mostly taking place on Tuesdays to take advantage cheap movie nights (usually $6-7), plus some Friday and/or Saturday nights spread out.  There might even be a Sunday matinee, keep your eyes on our schedule.

Current list of theaters we plan on going to (in order of how often we tend to go, with the majority being at the top 2 theaters):

Cinema World in Lincoln, RI

Providence Place Cinemas 16 in Providence, RI (in Providence Place Mall)

IMAX Theater at Providence Place in Providence, RI

Showcase Cinema Deluxe in Foxboro, MA (in Patriot Place)

Patriot Cinemas in Rumford, RI (East Providence)


Generally speaking, I'm not thinking we will do opening weekends for movies, with potential exceptions along the way.  This is to avoid crowds and possibly go on discounted days (which, again, are usually Tuesdays).  For Friday or Saturday night movies, we will try to plan on meeting afterwards for drinks, appetizers or desserts.


One note on scheduling:

No matter what time the movie starts, the plan is to almost always meet 35-45 minutes prior to the start of the movie in the ticketing lobby (not the concessions lobby, which might be different depending on the theater), and to sit down 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the movie.  This helps to get us the best seats.  If you won't be able to make it 20 minutes before the start of the movie, but you are still planning on coming, contact the organizer so that we can make sure we're holding the right number of seats.  No contact means you're a no show.

One note on attendance:

We do our best to hold seats for all those scheduled to attend, we also try to be early to meet everyone, and sit early to get the best seats.  We also make sure all attendees have our contact number in case they are running late or can't make it.  By failing to contact the organizers and not showing up, you inconvenience not only the organizer, but also the other attendees.  Anyone who is a no show for more than 2 events without contacting the event organizer for the first one, and group organizer (Nidal) for the second one, will be removed from the group without exception.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please update your RSVP when possible, or email, call, or text the event organizer.  If you can't do so before an event, then please do so as soon after the event as possible so that you don't get marked as a No Show.