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We're a group of makers in Detroit who make, teach, learn and have fun together. We're always looking for new people to join us. Check out some of our upcoming events, send us a message and let's hang out and make stuff.

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Agile Project Management
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If you're going to build a website, an iPhone app, a gadget or just about anything that requires a team to realize your maker vision then you will want to know about agile project management. It is now used by most of the world's leading project teams.

Join this workshop for a 2-hour, hands-on introduction to Agile Project Management. We will introduce the agile paradigm, contrast it with other traditional project management approaches and start using one of the most popular online tools for agile management, Pivotal Tracker.

From Rutgers School of Business: "Agile methodology—which is gaining popularity in the project management field—is an approach that typically has been associated with software development. Agile is more flexible compared to traditional project management. Projects are built incrementally, allowing not just the project manager, but the project team to create plans for each increment and make adjustments according to changing customer and organizational needs."

Web App Development with Ruby on Rails
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What do Twitter, Hulu, Groupon and Urban Dictionary have in common? They were all built using a web development platform called Ruby on Rails.

In this multi-part workshop, we're going to create a simple stand-alone web app and then make it to work as a facebook app and a mobile browser app.

This class will be ideal for people who have already written computer programs before, but for those who are willing and curious we'll do our best to help newbies experience the joy of creating an app from scratch.

Power Wheels Racer Design I
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Let's begin designing our power wheels racer for Maker Faire!

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