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Contra Dancing in Charlottesville area: Rivanna Contra Dance.

What is Contra Dancing? It's folks gathering socially. It's moving to live music. It's dancing with a partner AND everyone else. It's meeting new people. It's lively walking (fancy footwork not required.) It's wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. It's following the instructions and calling of a live teacher who's explaining and calling the figures. It's learning a couple dozen "figures." It's exercising without thinking about it. It's arriving alone (without a partner), and leaving having danced with many partners. It's enjoying the company of new people without having to make "witty conversation." It's goofing up a figure, laughing, and catching up. (We all do it occasionally.) It's having a great time without alcohol or drugs. It's a cocktail of music, movement, and human connection.

To see what it can look like, check out the video (which is from an amazing festival in Saratoga Springs, NY, held every February.) Our dance is smaller, but no less fun. While you're at it, there are many videos of other dances and beginner lessons.