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Come learn and practice simple breathing and meditation techniques that will lead you into a deeper connection to yourself. Use these techniques as tools in your everyday life to manage stress and stay connected at all times. Grow your self confidence, power and a experience a focused purpose to your life.

Our practice focuses on energy circulation in the body. If you are looking for physical healing, or you wish to learn more about energy and how it affects you...our practice will be perfect for you! You can experience various benefits through the many styles and techniques that we share. Some of the practices that you will see listed include:

-Magnet Meditation: feel the effect of the magnets moving energy inside the body

-Wooden Pillow: bring energy out of the head and open up the body

-Positive Vibes: join our group healing and share/send positive energy and distant healing

We look forward to meeting you and practicing together!

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Heroes Online Dance and Energy Movement

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Through rhythm and sound, you can release stress and body tension as well as help to bring your focus into a calm and meditative state.

With rhythmic energy movement, this class can help you to create vibration in the body so you may experience a re-balance of energy of the brain. This class will include tapping, deep stretching, vibration, moving meditation, dancing, breathing, and deep relaxation. Through rhythm and sound, you can release stress and body tension as well as help to bring your focus into a calm and meditative state. Come to refresh your body and mind as well as recover your center to ground your energy.

This is a “Heroes-style” class. Typically for young adults, Heroes classes will naturally be more challenging. However, as long as you are ready to feel young at heart, all ages are welcome!
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You can contact Meghan with any questions:

Call/text: [masked]

Email: [masked]

Meet your instructor:

Meghan was born and raised by a beautiful family in central Massachusetts. She enjoyed competitive sports throughout her teens where she felt the benefit of consistent practice and teamwork. Music eventually took over as Meghan’s preferred discipline and arguably stayed that way throughout nursing school. Through rehearsing, performing, and competing with Nor’easters A Cappella, she strengthened her passion for working with others to create something beautiful, moving, and inspiring for audiences big and small. Despite the blessed upbringing and tastes of success, it was not until 2016 when Meghan began practice with Body & Brain, that she truly began to find her voice. It was that fateful summer when she knew she found something she could live and work for. A year later she became an instructor! Finding healing for herself, her anxieties, and eventually for her disordered eating, Meghan is eager to share what she learned through Body & Brain methods with the world.

Energy Yoga Class

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We combine elements of yoga, tai chi and qi gong for a dynamic and restorative class that will leave you feeling recharged and stress free. We incorporate brain-based exercises and moving meditation techniques to help your body and mind feel fully integrated. Together we will develop mindful breathing and relaxed concentration to maximize the benefits of our physical exercise and daily routines.

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Body&BrainTV on YouTube

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Kids Yoga class

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These classes will provide tools and ways for the kids to deal better with the changes coming their way. We use fun, interactive and challenging games and exercises to help them draw out their inner potential and improve their focus, memory, confidence and manage their emotions. Each class starts with physical activities and has a specific theme that focuses on understanding the body-mind connection.
Cost is $10
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Kids Yoga class

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