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What we’re about

R-Ladies is a worldwide organization that promotes gender diversity in the open-source R community.

Who we are/What we do
R-Ladies Aurora is a local chapter of R-Ladies Global ( We meet to discuss, learn, teach, present, and work on all things R! Our priority is to provide a safe community space for anyone identifying as a minority gender interested in and working with R. The group exists to promote gender diversity in the R community worldwide. We are pro-actively inclusive of queer, trans, and all minority identities, with additional sensitivity to intersectional identities. We meet in person or virtually to learn about the R programming language, algorithms, and advanced tools. Our events are open for everyone to attend.

Who could join?
R-Ladies Aurora welcomes members of all R proficiency levels, whether you are a new or aspiring R user or an experienced R programmer interested in mentoring, networking & expert upskilling. Our non-profit, civil society community is designed to develop our members' R skills & knowledge through social, collaborative learning & sharing. Supporting minority identity access to STEM skills & careers, the Free Software Movement, and contributing to the global R community!
Anyone and everyone interested in R/Data Science should join our group and participate/contribute in any way you can, be they learners, teachers, developers, or innovators! We encourage women and minority genders to present/lead most sessions and conversations, but we have no restrictions regarding membership, participation, and discussions. So, please join us and bring your R-family & R-friends!

How to be in touch
You can access our presentations, R scripts, and more on our Github account and follow us on Twitter to stay apprised of R-Ladies news! Here are some helpful links:
Meetup (here):
Twitter: @RLadiesAurora
E-mail: aurora [at] rladies [dot] org; info [at] rladies [dot] org
Organizers: Janani Ravi, Kewalin Samart, TBD

R-Ladies Global

Free. As a founding principle, there is no cost or charge to participate in any of our R-Ladies communities worldwide.
Please read our Code of Conduct:
Full community guidelines are found here:
Photos, Films, and all other media/recordings:

Photos, Films, and all other media/recordings: photographs and/or video/other media will be taken at events held by this community. By participating in an R-Ladies East Lansing event, you grant the community organizers full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming/media and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for publicity, fundraising, or other purposes to help achieve the community's aims. This might include (but is not limited to) the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases, and funding applications. Please inform a community organizer if you do not wish to be recorded in these media.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events