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R-Ladies Belgrade is part of a global initiative, R-Ladies Global, designed to improve the gender diversity of R users worldwide and in particular, to improve the participation and experience of women in the R community. As part of the initiative, R-Ladies Belgrade will host a number of talks and workshops about the use of R. It doesn't matter if you never used R or if you are an R expert, R-Ladies Belgrade welcomes anyone with an interest in R. The goal is to promote R, exchange knowledge and create an R community among women. Our meetings and workshops are open for participation to all genders. We are fully inclusive and respectful of LGBT identities - our priority is to provide a safe community space for anyone identifying as female who is interested in and/or working with R.

Follow us on twitter @RLadiesBelgrade (https://twitter.com/RLadiesBelgrade) and @RLadiesGlobal (https://twitter.com/RLadiesGlobal), and on Github at https://github.com/RLadiesBelgrade

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R-Ladies Belgrade je deo globalne inicijative, R-Ladies Global, namenjen poboljšanju rodne raznolikosti R-ovih korisnika širom sveta, a posebno kako bi se poboljšalo učešće i razmena iskustava žena u R zajednici. U sklopu ove inicijative, R-Ladies Belgrade će organizovati niz sastanaka i radionica o korišćenju R-a. Nije bitno da li ste početnik ili R-stručnjak, R-Ladies Belgrade podržava svakoga ko je zainteresovan da koristi R. Cilj je popularisanje R-a, razmena znanja, veština i iskustava korišćenja R-a među ženama. Naši sastanci i radionice su otvoreni za učesnike svih polova. U potpunosti smo otvoreni i podržavamo prava LGBT zajednice - naš prioritet je osigurati siguran prostor zajednice za svakoga ko se identifikuje kao ženska osoba koja je zainteresovana i / ili radi sa R-om.

Pratite nas na twitteru @RLadiesBelgrade (https://twitter.com/RLadiesBelgrade) i @RLadiesGlobal (https://twitter.com/RLadiesGlobal), a na Githubu na https://github.com/RLadiesBelgrade

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Data Hangout

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## Details

Data science can be intimidating. Especially so, when you are first embarking on your data adventure. Which tool to learn – R or Python? What statistical methods to learn? What are typical data problems you need to be familiar with? What techniques to focus on? Which statistical method is applicable to my problem? These are some of the many questions you will begin to answer as you begin your journey.

Data Hangout is open access series of meetup workshops and discussions, organised by SisterAnalyst, for people already working with data or are just simply curious about what all the fuss is about. Data Hangout provides space for meaningful conversations or informal chats for data practitioners or those who are aspiring to be. Our motivation is to put ideas into action through the delivery of hands-on workshops.

Irrespective of whether you’re already a data scientist or data enthusiast, our Data Hangouts are here to inform, motivate and equip you to use data as part of your everyday language. In turn, this will empower you to make data more integral to your daily working practices and be more prolific, regardless of your educational background and profession. Together we share learning from both successful and challenging experiences to assemble and to deepen our collective data science knowledge. We build positive and active learning communities of data specialists with a diverse range of experiences and perspectives.
We discuss the skills and tools needed to get to grips with typical data science projects, illustrated by addressing the tasks required in formulating small case studies. We exchange ideas on how we consider data exploration and statistical modelling and the best ways of communicating the results with the target audience.

We do this by working through the open access material DiSCDOWN (discdown.org), an online learning material platform developed by at the Universität Innsbruck using R and Python.

In this month's workshop we will:
- get to know each other
- get familiar with DiSCDOWN learning material
- set up working environment on your computers (make sure you can run R and Python)
- work though DiSCDOWN::Data Analysis::Chapter 3: Data handling

You don’t have to be a data science expert to come and join our discussions, as long as you have interest in learning, doing and getting to know more about data science and its wider potential. We warmly appreciate your contribution in sharing your knowledge and experiences.

• 5:30pm -- Doors open and refreshments
• 6:00pm -- Welcome to Data Hangout: Introduction, Announcements
• 6:05pm -- Workshop and Discussion: Why R and Python? Why DiscDown? Data handling
• 7:30pm -- Hang around: a chance to chat
• 8:00pm – The End

We would love you to come and join us, bring a friend or two and share your thoughts and experiences when working on your every-day DS projects.

All welcome!

ps. please make sure you have read the code of conduct from our website: https://sisteranalyst.org/coc

Thanks to ICT HUB for providing the venue and making this event possible.

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Radionica: Izazov Otvorenih Podataka kroz R

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