What we're about

R-Ladies Columbus is part of a worldwide organization to promote gender diversity in the R community. Midwest’s first R Programming Community for Women! We are aiming to bring together women at all R proficiency levels living in/or near Columbus, Ohio. Members can have different motivations such as:

“I want to learn R”,

“I want to switch to R”,

“I am an expert and want to share my expertise”,

“I am looking for a co-developer for my R package”.

No matter what your motivation is and how well you use R, we would like to see you among us. All events are FREE

Meetup structure will be shaped by interests and skill sets of members, however here are some potential topics (partial credit to R-Ladies London group):

Kickstarting R & RStudio

Importance/Relevance of R skills (use-cases, jobs/roles, salaries)

Data Visualization

Multilevel Modeling

Handling Missing Data Using R

Leadership and mentoring roles are reserved for women and nonbinary people, and men are welcome to attend meetings as guests. The priority of this meetup is the development and support of its female members, and we therefore reserve the right to guard this interest through whatever measures we deem appropriate. R-Ladies is emphatically queer and trans friendly. R-Ladies is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone. We do not tolerate harassment of participants in any form.

Find us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/RLadiesColumbus

R-Ladies Columbus is a local chapter of R-Ladies Global. More information on R- Ladies can be found at:

Github: https://github.com/rladies

Twitter: https://twitter.com/rladiesglobal

Website: https://rladies.org/

Past events (27)

Introduction to RMarkdown

Columbus Collaboratory

R-Ladies Columbus & RStudio Mixer!

Needs a location

Hierarchical and Partitioning clustering in R

Columbus Collaboratory

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