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The R community suffers from an underrepresentation of minority genders (including but not limited to cis/trans women, trans men, non-binary, genderqueer, agender) in every role and area of participation, whether as leaders, package developers, conference speakers, conference participants, educators, or users.

R-Ladies LA is a network of R practitioners in Los Angeles. Our goals are to provide a supportive and encouraging network for R users who identify as a gender minority and to promote learning and collaboration in the R community. We are emphatically LGBTQ friendly and open to anyone interested in programming in R, from experts to novices. Join us!

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Community Policies & Code of Conduct: the leadership, mentoring & teaching roles within this Community are held exclusively by people who identify as a gender minority (cis male speakers may be allowed/invited as one-off guests in exceptional circumstances at the leadership team's discretion). Due to unexpected demand, we have opened learning participation to all genders, dependent on initial and on-going vetting by the leadership team. However, the stated priority of the R-Ladies communities is the development & support specifically of those identifying with a gender minority, and we therefore reserve the right to guard this interest through whatever measures the leadership team deem appropriate. Anyone involved with R-Ladies is expected to fully respect each other, the mandate of this community, and the goodwill on which R-Ladies is founded, or face expulsion/a penalty of any form, at the discretion of the leadership team.

Photos, Films and all other media/recordings: photographs and/or video/other media will be taken at events held by this community. By taking part in an R-Ladies event you grant the community organizers full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming/media, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for publicity, fundraising or other purposes to help achieve the community’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications. If you do not wish to be recorded in these media please inform a community organizer.

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Advanced R Book Club Part 3a: Object Oriented Programming

Charles E. Young Research Library

The LA West R Users Group and RLadies LA are teaming up for a book club series focused on Hadley Wickham’s ‘Advanced R’! Where: UCLA Charles E. Young Research Library, West Classroom (Room 23167) Directions: Look for West Classroom (Room 23167) after entering the library. Consider public transit or rideshare if you live nearby since you need to pay for parking. UCLA Parking Structure 5 & 3, both are walking distance to the library. See www.transportation.ucla.edu/campus-parking/visitors When: 10 am, Saturday, August 24th Why: "The book is designed primarily for R users who want to improve their programming skills and understanding of the language. It should also be useful for programmers coming to R from other languages, as help you to understand why R works the way it does." - Hadley Wickham Come join us for coffee and #rstats as we tackle the book’s sections one at a time. Each book club session will have a leader to guide the discussion, and we encourage everyone to take a look at the material beforehand. The full text of the book is online for free at https://adv-r.hadley.nz/, and there's an exercise answer guide at https://advanced-r-solutions.rbind.io/. Here’s the schedule: • Foundations - August 3, session leader was Amanda Tilot • Functional Programming - August 10, session leader will be Amy Tzu-Yu Chen • **OO Programming - split over August 24 (Base Types, S3, and R6) and September 7 (S4 and Trade-offs), session leader will be Daniel Jacobs** • Metaprogramming - split over September 21 (Cht 17, 18, 19) and October 5 (Cht 20, 21), session leader will be Emil Hvitfeldt! • Techniques - split over October 19 (Cht 22, 23) and November 2 (Cht 24, 25), session leaders will be Jake Kramer and Malcolm Barrett respectively! Advanced R dives deep into how R works as a language, and we highly recommend joining us for the first two sessions if you’re relatively new to R. We’re also looking for discussion leaders for the later sections of the book, so please reach out to Amy or Amanda if interested! This is a bring-your-own-coffee series, but we'll try to provide something sweet. As we're cohosting with the LA West RUG, all R users are welcome! Lastly, we expect all attendees to abide by the RLadies Code of Conduct, available here: https://www.meetup.com/rladies-la. See you there! Amanda & Amy "This is the perfect book for someone who wants to understand R at a level slightly deeper than necessary for an analyst and less than a base R contributor. If you're interested in programming language design or at looking under the hood of R, this book rocks. " - Goodreads review **To become more involved** Invite yourself to our SoCal R Users Slack group and join #adv-r-bookclub for discussions: http://bit.ly/laerug Check out more events: laocr.org/

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Advanced R Book Club Part 2: Functional Programming

Charles E. Young Research Library

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