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RLadies LA is teaming up with this year's virtual useR! 2020 conference to host a casual inference tutorial hosted by Dr. Lucy D'Agostino McGowan and Dr. Malcom Barrett! See bottom of post for important logistical details.

Description: In both data science and academic research, prediction modeling is often not enough; to answer many questions, we need to approach them causally. In this workshop, we’ll teach the essential elements of answering causal questions in R through causal diagrams, and causal modeling techniques such as propensity scores and inverse probability weighting. We’ll also show that by distinguishing predictive models from causal models, we can better take advantage of both tools. You’ll be able to use the tools you already know--the tidyverse, regression models, and more--to answer the questions that are important to your work.

Audience: This tutorial will appeal to statisticians and data scientists interested in taking their inference to the next level, incorporating causal techniques.

Logistical notes:
* This page is for **general audience** sign-up.
* We have a separate sign-up page (here: for anyone who identifies as part of an **underrepresented group**. Please RSVP on only one page. Thank you for helping us support diversity in #rstats!
* The tutorial will have live closed captioning available (you can turn it on from within Zoom)
* The Zoom room will have a password, which we will email to attendees before the event. Please check your email so that you can join us!

Questions? Leave a comment or send us a message!

See you on July 27!

Your RLadies LA hosts,
Amanda & Katie