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What we’re about

R-Ladies London, Ontario is part of a worldwide organization to promote Gender Diversity in the R community. We are a group of people interested in learning, sharing resources, and tinkering around with new skills in R together. While we are female-led, our membership is fully gender inclusive. Any and all are welcome to join!

Our meetups generally consist of workshops/tutorials featuring different aspects of R. 

We are always looking for new presenters, and you don't have to be an expert! Everyone brings different skills to the table, and the purpose of our group is to share those skills and provide a fun social accepting space to learn. 


What is R?

• R is a computer programming language and a software environment for statistical computing and graphics. Check it out here. It's used for data analysis and visualization across a wide varieties of fields. While our tutorials assume at least a base level interest in R (some prior knowledge is helpful, but not required), you are more than welcome to drop into any of our sessions to see what we do.

Where can I access your materials?

• We will upload materials to our Github. We will also provide the relevant link to the GitHub repository following each meetup on our Discussion/Message Board. If you can't find the materials you're looking for, you can also check our Google Drive folder, which we no longer will be updating. Lastly, if you still can't find it, send us an email at!

I don't really know that much about R, can I still join?

• Absolutely! All levels are welcome, all you need to have is at least some interest in R. 

I'm a guy, can I join?

• R-Ladies #LdnOnt is a female-organized initiative, meaning we prioritize female/non-binary leaders and presenters. That being said, if you're a guy and want to attend our meetups and participate in our tutorials, you are welcome to join! Note that all our members must adhere to the R-Ladies Global code of conduct.

I don't live in London... are there chapters near me?

• There might be! Check out the R-Ladies Meetup locations.

What if I want to start up my OWN chapter in another city?!

• You can do that too! Email the head R-Ladies at info[at]rladies[dot]org

Learn more about the R-Ladies Global initiative here, as well as the code of conduct.