RMarkdown and Bookdown for Dissertating


This month's meet up, Thea Knowles will return to lead us through an interactive tutorial on preparing to write a dissertation using RMarkdown and Bookdown. This month also marks 3 awesome years of R-Ladies London!

RMarkdown allows you to seamlessly integrate R code and narrative text as well as specify formatting options across multiple document output types (docx, pdf, html). Bookdown serves as a means to combining multiple RMarkdown files into a final book*.

This workshop will feature a crash course on RMarkdown and will cover the following: reference management in RMarkdown, tips for a modular workflow, integrating templates (like Western's thesis templates) into RMarkdown/bookdown documents, and more.

*"Despite the package name containing the word “book”, bookdown is not only for books. The “book” can be anything that consists of multiple R Markdown documents meant to be read in a linear sequence, such as course handouts, study notes, a software manual, a thesis, or even a diary." - Yihui Xie https://bookdown.org/yihui/bookdown/