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R-Ladies Oslo welcomes members of all R proficiency levels, whether you're a new or aspiring R user, or an experienced R programmer interested in mentoring, networking & expert upskilling. Our non-profit, civil society community is designed to develop our members' R skills & knowledge through social, collaborative learning & sharing. Supporting minority identity access to STEM skills & careers, the Free Software Movement, and contributing to the global R community!

A local chapter of R-Ladies Global, R-Ladies Oslo exists to promote gender diversity in the R community worldwide. We are pro-actively inclusive of queer, trans, and all minority identities, with additional sensitivity to intersectional identities. Our priority is to provide a safe community space for anyone identifying as a minority gender who is interested in and/or working with R. As a founding principle, there is no cost or charge to participate in any of our R-Ladies communities around the world.

We are part of Global R-Ladies group. Here are some links! You can access our presentations, R scripts and more (soon) on our Github account and follow us on twitter to stay up to date about R-Ladies news!

Website: https://www.rladies.org

Github: https://github.com/rladies

E-mail: info [at] rladies [dot] org

Twitter: @RLadiesGlobal ( https://twitter.com/RLadiesGlobal )

GitHub: http://github.com/rladies

PS Community Policies & Code of Conduct:

The leadership, mentoring & teaching roles within this Community are held exclusively by minority genders (majority gender speakers may be allowed/invited as one-off guests in exceptional circumstances at the leadership team's discretion). Due to unexpected demand, we have opened learning participation to all genders, dependent on initial and on-going vetting by the leadership team. However, the stated priority of the R-Ladies communities is the development & support specifically of those identifying as a minority gender, and we, therefore, reserve the right to guard this interest through whatever measures the leadership team deems appropriate. Anyone involved with R-Ladies Oslo is expected to fully respect each other, the mandate of this community, and the goodwill on which R-Ladies is founded, or face expulsion/a penalty of any form, at the discretion of the leadership team.

Full community guidelines are found here: https://github.com/rladies/starter-kit/wiki

PPS Photos, Films and all other media/recordings:

Photos, Films, and all other media/recordings: photographs and/or video/other media will be taken at events held by this community. By taking part in an R-Ladies Oslo event you grant the community organizers full rights to use the images resulting from the photography/video filming/media, and any reproductions or adaptations of the images for publicity, fundraising or other purposes to help achieve the community’s aims. This might include (but is not limited to), the right to use them in their printed and online publicity, social media, press releases and funding applications. If you do not wish to be recorded in these media please inform a community organizer.

Upcoming events (3)

Data tidying with dplyr and tidyr - with Athanasia Monika Mowinckel

• What we'll do This meetup we will go through some data tidying with the {dplyr} and {tidyr} packages from the {tidyverse}. Athanasia (Mo) works a lot with data in various formats, and data cleaning has become a large part of her everyday work. She'll take you though some basic principles, and also highlight the functions that might seem a little hidden, but are truly life savers! There will be some simple food and drink served, and time to mingle. • What to bring No equipment necessary. If you want to give the process a try with your own stuff and get aid from the speaker, bring a laptop/MacBook with R and RStudio installed. She will be switching between talking and live coding, so you can code along. • Important to know Everyone who accepts our code of conduct (https://github.com/rladies/starter-kit/wiki/Code-of-Conduct#english) is welcome to attend, regardless of gender.

Lightning talks with RLadies Oslo - inspire and be inspired!

• What we'll do This meetup will be jam packed with shorter talks highlighting what people use R for, either at work or just for fun. R has become so versatile and is used in so many different settings • List of speakers We don't have the speaker list ready, so please get in touch if you want to show us something you are working on! It's all low-key and fun, join in! For lightning talk sessions, we also have spots for majority gender (male) speakers! Get in touch, we'd love to include you. • What to bring No equipment necessary. There will be some simple food and drink served, and time to mingle. • Important to know Everyone who accepts our code of conduct (https://github.com/rladies/starter-kit/wiki/Code-of-Conduct#english) is welcome to attend, regardless of gender.

TidyTuesday - with RLadies Oslo

Ole-Johan Dahls hus

Every Monday the R for Data Science (R4DS) releases a new dataset on their GitHub that has been tamed, but does not always adhere to “tidy” data principles. This dataset will come from an article with an interesting plot. Our goal is to take a look at the raw data, and generate either a copy of the original plot or a novel take on the data! You can obviously use whatever techniques you feel are appropriate, but the data will be organized in a way that tidyverse tools will work well! We will come together and work in teams helping each other solve this weeks TidyTuesday challenge. TidyTuesdays are a great way to improve R skills and get involved in the community! * To participate in TidyTuesday, you need to do a few things * Create and save an image of a plot from R - Save the code used to recreate your plot (include data tidy steps!) - Submit the plot and code on Twitter - Use the #TidyTuesday hashtag (you can also tag me @thomas_mock) - Browse other submissions and like/comment on their work! However, that might seem like a lot! So at minimum please submit your plot with the hashtag #TidyTuesday. * Rules for TidyTuesday * We welcome all newcomers, enthusiasts, and experts to participate, but be mindful of a few things: - This is NOT about criticizing the original authors. They are people like you and me and they have feelings. Focus on the data, the charts and improving your own techniques. - This is NOT about criticizing or tearing down your fellow #RStats practitioners! Be supportive and kind to each other! Like other’s posts and help promote the #RStats community! - The data set comes from the source article or the source that the article credits. Be mindful that the data is what it is and Tidy Tuesday is designed to help you practice data visualization and basic data wrangling. - Use the hashtag #TidyTuesday on Twitter if you create your own version and would like to share it. - Include a picture of the visualisation when you post to Twitter. - Include a copy of the code used to create your visualization when you post to Twitter. Comment your code wherever possible to help yourself and others understand your process! - Focus on improving your craft, even if you end up with someting simple! - Make something quick, but purposeful! - Give credit to the original data source whenever possible.

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