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Mission: R-Ladies is a worldwide organization whose mission is to promote gender diversity in the R community

R-Ladies Philly is a group for people in Philadelphia interested in the R programming language to get together and learn about R! As a diversity initiative, the mission of R-Ladies is to achieve proportionate representation by encouraging, inspiring, and empowering people of genders currently underrepresented in the R community. R-Ladies’ primary focus, therefore, is on supporting minority gender R enthusiasts to achieve their programming potential, by building a collaborative global network of R leaders, mentors, learners, and developers to facilitate individual and collective progress worldwide.

How can you get involved? Join our meetup, but then also join our slack workspace at: rladies-philly.slack.com, follow us on twitter @RLadiesPhilly, and check out our website at rladiesphilly.org.

Contact us at philly@rladies.org if you want to learn more about supporting our group.

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July BookClub - ISLR Tidymodels Lab

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R-Ladies Philly is launching a series of bookclub meetups to promote community-supported learning experiences. The nominated book for this year is An Introduction to Statistical Learning (ISLR). To differentiate our group from the on-going bookclub at The R4DS Online Learning Community, we will focus on application for tidymodels using the ISLR-tidymodels labs that were kindly authored by Emil Hvitfeldt.

Everyone is welcomed to participate in the bookclub. To enhance the learning experience, there will be volunteers to lead the bookclub at each monthly meetup. The volunteers will give an 20 ~ 30 minutes summary presentation on the chapter. The presentation format will either be overview of the chapter, applying the chapter content to a mini-data project, or another preferred format. It will be followed with community-driven Q&A.

6:00 - 6:10 Join Online
6:10 - 7:00 A gentle introduction to tidymodels workflow
7:05 - 7:30 Volunteer presentation on linear regression (chapter 3)
7:30 - 8:00 Community driven Q&A

If you are interested in volunteering to lead bookclub, please sign up here

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R-Ladies Lightning Talks: 2022 edition!

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