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R-Ladies თბილისის ჯგუფი გლობალური R-Ladies ( http://rladies.org ) ნაწილია, რომლის მიზანსაც წარმოადგენს R პროგრამული ენით დაინტერესებულ ადამიანებს შორის ცოდნისა და გამოცდილების გაზიარება.

R არის ღია კოდის მქონე უფასო სტატისტიკური პროგრამა, რომლის საშუალებითაც შეგიძლიათ მონაცემების ანალიზი და ვიზუალიზაცია.

R-ით დაინტერესებულ ადამიანებს შეუძლიათ, შემოუერთდნენ ამ ჯგუფის შეხვედრებს, როგორც ტრენერი, მონაწილე ან ორგანიზატორი/თანაორგანიზატორი. R-ის ცოდნის დონეს მნიშვნელობა არ აქვს.

გთხოვთ, შეავსოთ ეს ფორმა, რათა ორგანიზატორებმა შეძლონ შეხვედრების დაგეგმვა და თქვენი მოწვევა: http://bit.ly/R-LadiesTbilisi


R-Ladies Tbilisi is part of the global R-Ladies community ( http://rladies.org ). Our goal is to exchange knowledge and experiences of R programme in Georgia, especially among women.

R is an open-source free statistical programme that allows for more flexibility in creating analysis and graphics ( https://www.r-project.org/ ).

Anyone with an interest in R is encouraged to participate in the community. It is meant for all R proficiency levels, whether you are a new or an experienced R user interested in mentoring and networking.

Please fill in the following survey in order for the meetup organisers to get a better idea of your interests regarding R:


Twitter: @RLadiesTbilisi

E-mail: tbilisi [at] rladies [dot] org

Github: https://github.com/rladies/meetup-presentations_tbilisi

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R for Psychology Research

Online event

Research in Psychology is a wide and multifaceted field, which can be greatly strengthened by the use of R. Those already familiar with R can benefit by and learn from understanding how cognitive and behavioural research is carried out. This workshop will explore the broad fields of experimental psychology in the R framework. It will introduce participants to quantitative data analysis tools, including eye-tracking data, and discuss how various packages and forms of analysis (such as text and geographical data) can all be instrumentalised for psychology research. Finally, participants will have the opportunity to try some hands-on coding with a dataset on mental health factors. Divya Seernani is finishing her PhD in Clinical Psychology, working as a psychologist with children and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders, and is an organiser for R-Ladies Freiburg. She has multiple international publications to her name, is passionate about eye-tracking in clinical settings and enthusiastic about science communication and diversity building activities. https://de.linkedin.com/in/divya-seernani The talk starts at 10.45 AM Tbilisi time. Please register here to receive the workshop materials and the Zoom link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1GjOFaFK4-vGjZFCgOgpZ9qy3Y-kOURbr_hC53uJhy7M/

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