DRY out your workflow with the usethis package with Jenny Bryan

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Jenny Bryan is a Software Engineer for RStudio and adjunct Professor at UBC. Join Jenny in this talk on usethis, devtools, and package/project development! It is an expanded and more hands-on version of her useR! 2019 talk, happening the previous week in Toulouse. Bring a laptop with R & RStudio, if you can!

Title: DRY out your workflow with the usethis package
Usethis is one of the packages created in the recent “conscious uncoupling” of the devtools package. Devtools is an established package that facilitates various aspects of package development. Never fear: devtools is alive and well and remains the public face of this functionality, but it has recently been split into a handful of more focused packages, under the hood. Usethis now holds functionality related to package and project setup. I’ll explain the “conscious uncoupling” of devtools and describe the current features of usethis specifically. The DRY concept -- don’t repeat yourself -- is well accepted as a best practice for code and it’s an equally effective way to approach your development workflow. The usethis package offers functions that enact key steps of the package development process in a programmatic and documented way. This is an attractive alternative to doing everything by hand or, more realistically, copying and modifying files from one of your other packages. Usethis helps with initial setup and also with the sequential addition of features, such as specific dependencies (e.g. Rcpp, the pipe, the tidy eval toolkit) or practices (e.g. version control, testing, continuous integration).


6 - 6:30 pm : arrive + mingle
6:30 pm : announcements + workshop starts
8:00 pm : workshop ends

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