NEO 101 by Dylan Grabowski

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As a blockchain, NEO focuses on building a "Smart Economy" comprised of digital assets, digital identity, and smart contracts. NEO is a smart contract platform that utilizes a unique consensus algorithm called delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance (dBFT), which is more comparable to delegated proof of stake consensus mechanisms. While the leadership team is largely established in Shanghai, there are multiple community developer groups across the globe (South America, North America, Europe, China, Japan, Russia, etc.) that share the load of developing the core protocol and dev tools.

I will highlight:
Brief history of NEO,
NEO's dual token model,
Fundamentals behind the consensus mechanism,
Developing with NEO
Developer groups in the ecosystem
Path towards decentralization (governance, coin, network)
Looking forward to NEO3 (tentative launch date in Q2 of 2020)