Domain Driven Design: Event Storming Workshop

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Rocky Mountain Software Craftsmanship
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Get interactive with this Domain Driven Design event. DDD can be used to create the appropriate models and ubiquitous language. The initial method to create this is Event Storming. The main idea is to find the domain events that happen within a business system. You start with the final event say Invoice Sent. All the events have happened already. Then you go backwards to find other events as well as the commands, actors, and aggregates attached to all these. The creates the ubiquitous language that everyone uses and that is the way that the domain objects are created that are used by everyone. The people involved are the business stakeholders, domain experts, and technical team members. Microservices are the perfect vehicle for Domain Driven Design.

Facilitator: Donald Lutz is the Principal Software Architect at Faction. He has been doing Domain Driven Design for 10 + years on many different projects from enterprises to non-profits.