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What we’re about

We are a group of friends with similar interests - the primary one being hiking. It doesn't matter if it's a one-day trip or a multi-day backpack; we like climbing up and down mountains throughout the Northeast (and beyond). Having other people come along with us makes things even more fun. Other activities on our calendar include biking (rail trail, road, & off-road), kayaking (rivers, lakes, & ocean), skiing (downhill & cross country), and various adventure races.
Our approach is simple - the strength of a cohesive group is greater than the sum of its individual parts. We start as a group, stay as a group, and finish as a group. Our pace will be that of the slowest hiker. We travel in small groups (10-15 people) to lessen our impact on the environment and the others who are also out there enjoying the peace and solitude of the outdoors. The ultimate goal is to get outside, have a safe and enjoyable time, and then do it again.
Most of our hikes involve climbing to the highest summits in the Northeast. That means people may have to get up early, drive a long distance, and then spend most of the day hiking. There aren’t many late starts, short days, or easy/moderate level hikes on our calendar. Instead of trying to do something that another group has already perfected, we have partnered with the Blue Hills Hiking Club out of Boston, MA. If you live in the Boston area and want to get outdoors they offer almost daily hikes of varying distances and speeds. \

If this sounds like fun then be sure to join our group and sign-up for an event. \