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Hi Friends, I am planning a solo trip from Bangalore to GoKarna via Mangalore and back. Join me if you want to :) Mode: RE Bullet Electra. Total Distance from Bangalore to Gokarna and Back is 1136 KM Itineary: Day 1: 2nd October 2014 Bangalore to Mangalore 352 KM Mangalore to Gokarna 231 KM Total: 583 KM Day 2: 3rd October 2014 Enjoy the Gokarna Beach: Om Beach/Karwar/Kumta/half moon beach Day 3: 4th October 2014 Enjoy areas like Murudeshwara Temple/Lalguli Falls/Sathodi Falls Day 4: 5th October 2014 Gokarna to Davangere 243 KM Davangere to Tumkur 178 KM Tumkur to Bangalore 132 KM Total: 553 KM Cheers ;)