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Meet Modal AI
Chad Sweet, CEO of ModalAI, Inc. through June 2018 led global robotics R&D at Qualcomm Research. His entrepreneurial drive led to multiple autonomous robotics product launches including: Sony Aibo, Hover Camera, Snapdragon Flight, Ecovacs DJ35. Previously he led efforts in computer vision and wireless communications with 14 patents granted. ModalAI, Inc. spun out of Qualcomm’s Corporate R&D Division in June 2018. The team founded Qualcomm’s robotics R&D efforts which led to the creation of two product lines for Qualcomm’s Chipset Division: Drones and Robotics. ModalAI left Qualcomm with a market-ready product, now called VOXL, built upon more than 5 years of R&D. VOXL leverages the smartphone ecosystem to create a highly integrated, machine vision-based, autonomous navigation system that provides autonomy for indoor and outdoor, aerial and ground robots. The VOXL was born as a successor to the team’s previous work, Snapdragon Flight. The integration provided by VOXL and Snapdragon Flight enables fully autonomous UAVs well under 300g in total weight. ------- The main door of the building closes at 6:15pm, if you come after that time, please call Hansol at[masked]


5677 Oberlin Dr. Ste 100 · San Diego, CA

What we're about

If you like to build your own robots, come join us! Any kind of robot. Maybe small table-top autonomous robots made from Lego Mindstorms kits, or with custom Arduino brains. Or larger custom machined bots with Android cell phones as brains. Maybe quad-copter flying bots.

How about battle bots. Or sumo bots. Or fire-fighting bots. Or?

Let's get together and show off our robots and maybe create a local robotics competition. Or maybe prepare together for national robotic competitions such as at RoboGames.

What do you want to build?

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