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What we’re about

There are multiple groups that cater to those who enjoy easy, level trails or prefer scenic routes with frequent stops for photo sessions.

There are groups that hike insanely difficult, to outright dangerous trails, rock climbing, have near-military discipline, and strict membership rules.

ROC is neither. We position ourselves between these two categories.

We prefer hiking moderate to difficult trails at a brisk pace with challenging elevation gains and drops. We do single and multiple day hikes. We do night hikes. We hike all year round, in rain, shine, snow, hail or sleet, but we are not about beating any records or "Iron Man" - type tortuous challenges and competitions. We Hike For Fitness.

Everyone is welcome to join us, but you have to realistically evaluate your own fitness level; we will not leave anyone behind on the trail, but chances are you won’t enjoy our hikes if you overestimate your abilities.

Build your stamina, maximize your strength gains and improve your endurance with us. But most importantly, enjoy the satisfaction and feeling of accomplishment every time you finish another tough hike that you first thought was impossible, the one that you believed was not made for you.

Do things which are fun, meet new people, fill your life with new experiences and spark your existence!

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