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What we’re about

Hi all!

My intention is for this to be a very friendly group of people (at least nearing 40 if not over) who love to do local things outdoors and fun activities indoors.

I've lived in this county for the better part of 20 years and am finding there's lots to EXPLORE right here! Hiking the White Mountains is great, but this group will provide many options closer to home for outdoor fun. We'll have occasional distant excursions as well though. During the colder months, we'll do lots of active indoor activities too! Bring your sense of adventure as this will be MY first time doing some of these walks/hikes!  And since I have a deep intellectual side, I'd also like to plan some discussions on topics of interest like or maybe even have guest speakers...

A note on the current state of meetup affairs as it compares to R.O.A.M.:  Because I'm concerned about the impact on the environment of bringing a huge group of people on a nature trail and because I feel huge groups negatively impact the experience of others who are trying to enjoy the beauty and quiet of the outdoors, our groups are limited to 20-25 people.  While Mountain National Forest Rules recommend all groups be limited to 10 people and and require the limitation in designated "wilderness" areas.

We also will never charge annual dues or membership fees, claiming that it helps with the cost of running a meetup group (seriously...collecting a $15 annual fee from thousands of members is a money making venture, not a group of friends getting together).  This groups operates in the original spirit of meetup. We do this because we love to and want to share it!

Please join if Rockingham County destinations are convenient for you, you love friendly people and you love to have fun!


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