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Meet with local GMs who need players, players who need games, and discuss RPGs in general. Stop spending all that time reading the books and making up characters, and actually PLAY! We also have meetup for oneshots and conventions.

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Trophy Black: Feast for the Long Table (Online Game)

In the dark and in the black of a valley deep and nimble. Is a table, brick and fable, made for the hungriest game. Gathered once, gilded cups for their bloated lumps, that failed to find gamely staples. So they partied, arteries parted, and flesh ran like wine. Until at once, the ball had ended, and only one remained. They drank to tomorrow, the sun rise of a swallow, and they ate themselves alive. --- Trophy Black is the story game half of Trophy. The woods are deep, the things inside are precious, and you are meat to be collected by this accursed wood. To quote the game: "In the end, the forest claims everyone who enters. Most never return. Those that do come back with their minds and bodies broken. Fight to survive, but know that you will be marked. You will be claimed. You will be the forest’s trophy." Feast for the Long Table deals with body horror, cannibalism, and auto-cannibalism. |@EnvelopeSpooner in Discord if you have questions|

OSR 5e D&D

Lestat's Hillcrest

I am running a campaign that features old school TSR modules alongside adventures from Troll Lord, Frog God, and Goodman Games. Our group is full, but you can still message me for information. The document below is one of several campaign reference documents: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JsPSf152zHcyfakJ-bYPvEsQwdfB5qM7RIWEniHwLGE/edit?usp=sharing I also have a discord server mostly for online games - and you might reach me faster there. https://discord.gg/D7XaQMb Do you want me to run your campaign? Check me out at https://www.seekergaming.com


Online event

WINTERHORN is a live action game for 5-8 players about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups. By playing law enforcement and intelligence operatives working diligently to demoralize and derail, you’ll learn about the techniques used in the real world in pursuit of these goals. By playing WINTERHORN you’ll have a chance to reflect on weak points in your own activism, and think about ways to harden organizations you care about against government intrusion. https://bullypulpitgames.com/games/winterhorn/ We'll play on Roll20 and Discord. The mechanics are pretty simple; all card-driven and no dice!

(Online) Beam Saber: Mechanical Daze Session 1 - On the Horizon

In the far future four mighty factions have laid claim to the resource rich planet of Huffman's Hope. As a ragtag squad of mecha pilots, it's up to you survive long enough to claim something of your own. The Thunder Cloud Rapid Response Squadron are ready for their first real mission. Forged in desperation by the Drift of the August Path, it is packed with an eccentric cast of weary travelers, survivors, and outcasts. Will they prove worthy of the Drift's faith? Or will they shatter upon the first strike? This game will be run using Beam Saber, a mecha based Forged in the Dark game currently in development/KickStarter. Note: I am currently full up on players.

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