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We play mostly 'table-top' Role-playing games weekly at our Friday night Open-Gaming. They include genres like; Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, anime, superheros, 7th Sea, Traveller and Apocalypse World system. Our group predates this site, so we have many of non-Meetup members who attend. We do have age restrictions for those 17 and under, please contact us for details.

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Friday night open-gaming

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Game scheduled below & important details:
(1) Most of our attendees do not RSVP via Meetups.
(2) Directly E-mailing or contacting your gamemaster is the most reliable way to confirm an event.
Games are run on the ‘1st’, ‘2nd’, ‘3rd" or ‘4th’ Fridays of the month. We us a weekly rotation to keep track of; what's running when. We ad-hoc ‘5th’ Friday's.
(3) The Meetup (games) always subject to change; there is always a chance of cancellation. I do my best to post changes but cannot guarantee. If you become a member, join our mailing list on "RPS-info" on https://groups.io, usually it’s more timely for calendar items (games and events). You need to speak to a club Trustee (not me) at the Meetup.
It is the nature of "open-gaming" there is occaional impromptu games, unplanned openings, and no shows; so bring your favorite game; you never know. If you are new, you may need to be assertive, we are not always as engaging with visitors as we should be.
(4) Dropping by to check us out if fine; I recommend it.
(5) If your age 17 - 14; a guarding must attend with you, 13 and under are not permitted.
(6) 7 PM is normally when we have use of the room, but most groups start a bit later. Most games end between 11 and 12. Venue closes at midnight.
Event info below, is based on what is submitted, or observations by me (Ben Forest), some of the information is not complete and there some games not listed and/or incomplete or out-of-date.

1st Friday of the month (This is pre-pandemic list ad likely going to be updated and is out-of-date)

• D&D 5th Edition : Run by GM John 'Princes of the Apocalypse' . Discussion with GM essential before joining. Game has been full. Contact John for info: [masked]
• -Now Recruting - D&D 5th Edition from DM Kiera; 'Storm Kings Thunder". Email Kiera for details and character creation details: [masked]
• Urban Shadows: GM Juergan (email: [masked]) A mature-themed game centered on the political intrigues of the supernatural world underneath the surface of San Diego CA. Tensions are building among and within factions and at any moment they could snap. Will you navigate this dark world, or allow its corruption to consume you?
• D&D 5th Edition: An official Adventurers League game for 1st week. No D&D experience necessary. Keep in mind; "organized play" type games are more structured and are run from adventure module's downloaded from Wizards of the Coast. (Email Mike: [masked])
Organized play info and details can be downloaded here: http://dnd.wizards.com/playevents/organized-play
• D&D 5th Edition: 'The Treasure Hunters' GM Kevin (full) . (I do not have more info on this game.

2nd Friday of the month

• Mage, the Awakening 2e (email: [masked])
Newly awakened to the power of manipulating reality and thrown into the supernatural world of Phoenix, AZ the players will have to decide who to make alliances with and who to make enemies off. Of course, other mages are the least of their problems.
• D&D 5th Edition - GM Tom Jayes Email: [masked] (openings)
• Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition set in the classic Forgotten Realms setting. Players set out as members of start-up adventuring company in The North. GM Ben (Full)

3rd Friday of the month

• Mutant Year Zero: GM Kevin post-apocalyptic madness, (openings); email: [masked]
• D&D 5th Edition - GM John G. - 'Horde o/t Dragon Queen (full)
• Star Wars using the classic D6 system. Rebellion Era. GM Ben Forest (email: [masked]) Game has been off-site, may be openings.

4th Friday of the month

• New: Cyberpunk 2020 - GM Mike Carson Emal: [masked] - High tech, low life cybermercenanies. Has been full but worth checking in with Mike, may be Zoom only.
• BOARD GAME NIGHT - Bring your favorite board games. Questions email Bob:
• Pathfinder - GM Tom - Tom is an excellent GM. Email the game master direct at: [masked] Openings

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