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What we’re about

We're a group of beginner and not-so-beginner rollerbladers willing to enjoy the summer in Vancouver rollerblading. Let's meet with new people, share tips, skate along the seawall and experience pure skating bliss!

If you want to meet new skating friends faster, we like to encourage all our members to get involved in planning and helping to host events. All forms of skating are encouraged like rollerblading, aggressive inline skating, roller skating, inline slalom, or ice skating (especially during winter -:)

We will also get a chance to take great pictures (see 'Photos') and videos!

Please introduce yourself and join our group with a visible picture of yourself to be approved! 

Discover Professional Rollerblading Lessons! Accelerate your learning curve quickly and SAFELY! Beginner, Intermediate and Expert!

Certified Instructor celebrating over 10 years in hands-on teaching experience -- "It's not just a lesson, it's how safe and confident you feel"

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