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This GRASSROOTS meetup is purely COMMUNICATIONS and information sharing for all the residents and meetup members of the state of NJ. This is your meetup.

be sure to join another meetup as your main group, as this one is used only for state wide communications

GRASSROOTS meetup applies:


Our guidelines are simple: "what would Ron Paul do?"

We are completely independant. Just like the message of limited government and keeping things local we resist centralized control of the Ron Paul Revolution.

We report to no one. We are not affiliated with any other group. This means we do not take any instruction or direction from a regional or national entity of any kind. Any individual or group pushing their own national management, structure, political agendas other such nonsense over this meetup will be summarly asked to leave or kicked out of the group immediately.

We have only one goal, to get Ron Paul elected as the next President of the United States!


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