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What we’re about

This group is for people in the Chicago area who are interested in learning to use robots based on ROS (Robotic Operating System). Meetups will focus on instruction and examples for applying ROS solutions, as well as opportunities for social interaction and networking.

Join us if:

  • You have no idea what ROS is but you are a Maker who is ready to build a robot.
  • You are a programmer who wants to enter the robotics industry.
  • You know about ROS but you want to learn more from people with experience in specific fields.
  • You have ROS knowledge to share.
  • You want to have in-person conversations with others who talk about nodes, topics, services, etc.

Meetups will generally share ROS knowledge that you will be able to use immediately.  There will be ROS tutorial sessions, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises.

Discord server:


  • Quanticity Inc. - Working on service-oriented autonomous robotics at the city scale with a variety of applications.
  • Lairdscape LLC - A commercial farm, so there will be opportunities to see and work with large agricultural robots.


  1. All no-shows are logged, and in-person RSVP repeat offenders will be removed from in-person guest lists, barring entry. We have a very limited number of slots available, and it’s not fair to others.