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Are we Alone- ETs, Friend or Foe
Are we alone? Who are the ETs? Little Green Men? - Giant Lizards? Men in Black? - Friend or Foe? Are YOU an ET Soul? Anita has had sightings, abductions, and visitations from extra-terrestrials since she was 5 years old. These encounters involved races from all over the galaxy, from the “Grays” to the Pleiadeans, to the Black Shadows. One visitation even suggested that she was introduced to her ET “Hybrid” son. Are you an alien soul in a human body? Take the Quiz. Have you been abducted? Come share your story or just discover what it's all about in an open and non-judgmental atmosphere. Anita will share her UFO and ET experiences and her beliefs about why and what about this phenomenon.

Center For Spiritual Living Menifee Valley

26805 Murrieta Avenue · Sun City, CA


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In our ever changing world we have access to so much information its difficult to keep up. You might not be aware of all the different modalities and schools of thought that you might benefit from. I invite you to join us. Your sure to find something that resonates with you and from there magic begins.

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