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What we’re about

Aim:It is a safe community which you can talk and express anything. Supporting members dreams and self-development. Discuss and create a project how to improve our society.

Who can join?: People who are open minded, wishing to develop themselves and support others.

We do regular online meeting, workshop and offline meeting to discuss about personal problems, social issues and how to develop.

Routes of Being is a performance art created by Satoshi Dáte. The concept is "By looking at yourself and correcting yourself as you are, you can improve the world as a whole"

routes meaning “the way to create” and, with the same pronunciation, roots that mean “your roots”. Being consists of the meanings of “to be” and “human”.

If you compare yourself to a tree, if you correct the roots, the trunks and branches that grow from the ground will continue to grow healthy forever, creating an unknown new life and world.

In modern society, we must live with various oppression, anxieties, and emptiness.

We have the illusion that we have to look and be the same as the people around us because we are in a world where people are superior or inferior and attack people who are different from everyone, who have new ideas, and who live in their own way.

and this community is a part of this performance.