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What we’re about

Forest Group presents an unrivaled opportunity to forget about daily routine and become an essential part of one of the most beautiful scenes of XX century - a masquerade ball. Do I need to explain that true beauty lovers can once again experience the atmosphere of exquisite evening? It is a great chance to become part of a unique event and see with your own eyes all that you have only heard before! Bedazzle mysterious, sensual dancing, luxurious outfits, sea of champagne, entertainment, giddy delight - this is how the royal spend their evenings! Dukes and duchesses, counts and countesses, this evening is in your honor, you are welcome at the Royal Masquerade Ball!

Ball is a rare event, blinding with its scale and luxury. This evening will not only fill your life with unprecedented sensations, but also give a bunch of other possibilities:

o New people and new friends

o Auction , where you may become a lot or buy an attractive lot J

o Lottery with a bunch of prizes

o Nomination King or Queen of the ball (the competition for the most original mask )

o Services of angel post and love glove

o Enjoying live music

o Special recreation room with a variety of games; Also we provide an after-party event. Free entrance & Free table in M18 for all the guests. Dress code: long evening dresses for ladies, suit or tuxedo for the Cavaliers.

Date Ball: June 6, 2014

Start Time: 18:00

Address: No.188 Wudong Road, Howard Johnson Hotel

15821970594, WeChat ID: Aidana_Bakkozhanova

Ticket cost 280RMB; For couples 360RMB

Rental outfits: People Square, line 2

Beginning at 18:00

18:00-18:30 - Introduction and welcome guests

18:30 - beginning of the program ( it includes leading , flashy welcome dance polonaise, dance polonaise with the participation of guests )

19:00 - holding entertaining game on knowledge of etiquette and manners

19:15 - flashy dance polka, dance polka with the participation of guests

19:35 - a competition for the selection of the King and Queen of the ball

19:55 - flashy dance a quadrille, dance quadrille with the participation of guests

20:15 - music break

20:40 - the auction

21:00 - flashy dance the mazurka, dance the mazurka with guests

21:20 - lottery

21:35 - music break

21:50 - flashy dance waltz, dance waltz with the participation of guests.