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What we’re about

If being an Entrepreneur requires one to "take on greater than normal risk", What is the payoff? 
Why would someone want to do this thing labeled Entrepreneurship?

• Is it More Money

• Is it More Time

• Is it Freedom

The answers are likely different depending on who you ask. We will dive deeper into those questions, and many others surrounding Entrepreneurship and Small Business in this group. There are many phases of being an Entrepreneur and Business Owner, and we will discuss what that means, focusing more on the Why. There are a zillion and one trade off's to get out from under "Working for the Man" Some are favorable, some not so much. Anyone who has been in business for any length of time has a few bruises, and so being really clear on the Why is helpful in those moments.

Come join in the discussion, We plan to have different local Entrepreneurs at our MeetUp's to Tell their Story of Why, and we would love to hear about yours. 

Why Do You Want to be an Entrepreneur?