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What we’re about

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Calling all Ruby Devs! So you've had your first gig, built a few apps, and pry'd your way out of some tough spots, but what's next? It's time to keep growing your knowledge base, your network, and your career. <br>

We're doing Four 10-15 minute lightning-style talks in one night, so you get maximum bang for your ADD buck. Squirrel! These will be full of engaging, practical advice that you can use to immediately improve your work. Don't let your learning stop at rails new!

Please read and abide by our Code of Conduct. It is extremely important to us that all attendees can enjoy an environment they feel safe and welcome in.

To get the most out of these talks, you should:

• Be supportive of anyone who wants to develop software.

• Be comfortable programming in one Object Oriented language, and interested in Ruby or the web.

• Be eager to grow into a solid intermediate developer, and beyond!

Topics will include: 

• Back-end architecture, beyond Models and Controllers

• Front-end frameworks and how to integrate them

• Object Oriented Design and using PORO's in your code

• Deployment, Packaging, Debugging, Profiling, Automation, Security, Refactoring and more!