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Die Ruby on Rails Switzerland User Group verfolgt folgende Ziele:
* Rails in der Schweiz bekannter machen
* Rails-Entwickler der Schweiz auflisten
* Austausch zwischen Rails-Entwicklern fördern
* Liste mit Unternehmen die Rails einsetzen/anbieten
* Case Studies aus der Schweiz

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Railshöck at Localsearch


While April has the most interesting weather, we'll gather at Localsearch for a set of even more interesting presentations: Can x3 (Alessandro Rodi, Maintainer) CanCanCan 3.0 is out. Let's deep dive in the new features and how this version improves performance by removing associations preloading and by implementing a "rules compressor" which removes unnecessary rules automatically. Smart HTTP Clients (Sebastian Pape, Engineer): What if you could use Rails ActiveRecord over the network? Actually you can, thanks to the ruby gem LHS. Get some big thoughts about how to easily navigate a heterogeneous enterprise api service landscape with smart HTTP clients. Input from another world (Samuel Steiner, Sales): And now for something completely different: This is an introduction of how to overcome politeness façades towards more honest conversations. Get some tips on how to steer a conversation into a direction which benefits all participants the most – both in sales but also personal relationships. The RSpec includes matcher in depth (Josua Schmid, Engineer): We'll examine together how one specific RSpec matcher came into existence and how it works in detail. Expect to see some software design patterns and application examples.

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Parallel and Thread-Safe Ruby at High-Speed with TruffleRuby

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