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Come out and join us for a small tribute to an American Thanksgiving. We welcome all Run/walk paces and go out regardless of the weather. This will be a park and lake run approx 8-10km and for short cutters ca. 5km. We don't know the trail ahead of time, only the “hare” knows. We'll find the path together, so please show up on time to get a brief intro and to store your bag in a fellow hasher's car during the run/walk/jog. It is difficult to catch up, if you are late. We provide the beer and soft drink afterwards. If this is your first time with us, read more about our concept on frontpage. This is an outdoor event, bring extra clothes, you'll need it coming back or learn it the hard way like others have done, too. After socialising some go to the local pub and continue for a few drinks, which you are welcome to join. Last year we ran here and ran into the Danish Prime minister (he wished that he could join such a cool group 😎) We look forward to seeing you. On On,

Sorgenfri Station

Hummeltoftevej 51 · Virum

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"A drinking club with a running problem"

We are an international, non-competitive running club. We run every week of the year, on Saturday afternoons in the winter (October to March) and Monday evenings in the summer (April to September). The attendance is usually 25-45 people in the summer, and we get decimated to roughly half of the usual pack by the winter cold.

The start is usually from a parking lot next to a train station or bus stop in the Greater Copenhagen area. Look for a group of people in colourful clothes. Sometimes the way from the station to the meeting point is marked with chalk or flour blobs, especially if there is a parking lot on either way of the rails. When it's cold, bring some warm clothes to put on after the run. There is always at least one car available where you can store your bag during the run.

Every week we run in a different area, and we don't know the route beforehand - only the so-called hare, i.e. person that marked the trail, knows it, and the rest of us needs to find it by following marks made with flour. Once in a while the trail will stop (it's a so-called "check") and from that point you need to find out where it continues - the marks will continue after 100-200 meters. This way if you're a fast runner, you have a chance to run more by checking out possible trails. If you're a slow runner, there is a chance that the right trail will be found by the time you get to the "check". This way the fastest runner and the slowest walker will most likely finish the run within a few minutes from each other.

We most often run in the forest. If you're a recovering runner or a beginner, you can choose to walk part or all of the trail. The trail is usually roughly 7-10 km, but shortcuts are marked so that walkers and slow runners can end up doing only a 4-6 km trail. Sometimes people ask us what pace we run at. There is no answer to that - everybody runs at the pace that suits them.

After the run we drink beer and sing frivolous songs while praising or punishing fellow members for good or stupid things they did during the run by giving them some more beer to drink.

WE NEVER CANCEL A RUN. We are not scared away by few participants or bad weather. Also, do not get discouraged by few registrations on Meetup. Our club has existed since 1980, and a vast majority of our members check the start location in our calendar ( ( and just show up. So there is no risk that you will come in vain.

The first run is free. After that the fee is 50 DKK per run, or 222 DKK per quarter. The price includes all beverages during and after the run as well as some snacks (crisps) after the run. This does not apply for the 15+ km runs that usually find place on the second Sunday of each month - these are followed by hot food, and the price is 75 DKK per run (no option for quarterly payment). If a run requires the 75 DKK fee, it is specified in the run description.

The official language of the Copenhagen Hash House Harriers is English. A lot of us speak Danish though, so if you'd like to practise Danish, there will be plenty of opportunity for that as well.

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